Hello to all I would like to meet amateur accordionist in the goal of a musical exchange in the region of Vesoul Jussey in Haute Saone I am retired in the pleasure of making your acquaintance h or f no matter thank you
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Hello, I am an accordionist in an amateur group "la mi guinguette" in the Nantes region, and I will stop this activity. This group is looking for a person to replace me. If you are interested you can contact the secretary who is also the singer of the group at 06 76 99 40 72. Thank you.
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Bravo for the new site !
As an amateur accordionist, I have the opportunity from time to time to play in medium-sized halls or outdoors. The sound volume of my accordion (a Ballonne Burini) is then insufficient
What type of microphone (for right and left hand), mounting and amp is recommended for this situation? I play mainly seated and I usually have a power supply nearby
Thank you in advance for your advice
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Hello and thank you tougui :)
Hello to all, I have been registered on the site for a few months now, but I don't think I have introduced myself... I am a very modest amateur accordionist, student at the Conservatory of Tulle (Corrèze). I started lessons when I was 30 years old, I had to stop because of lack of time and I started again when I retired... In short, I have a lot of fun playing music... Thanks to those who run this site, I have already found a lot of things. I haven't yet thought about the "score deposit" aspect, I'll have a closer look. (A little historical information that you may know: the first accordion factory was created in Corrèze: the Dedenis company, in Brive La Gaillarde. As for Maugein, it is the 3 brothers, transfered from Dedenis, who created it in Tulle in 1919).

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Hello Bourdet
Welcome to P.A., I hope you will find here the help or the score you are looking for.
Best regards
Indeed, as theo says, no hesitation to have at the slightest request.
Welcome among us ♫♫
Good evening Bourdet,
Welcome to our favorite site, there are so many beautiful things to discover on P-A...
Good evening.

hello Bourdet
welcome to the website of scores
Hello Bourdet and Welcome ! We have been very busy these last days to welcome you, we hope you will like the new site :)
Bonjour à tous, je suis un accordéoniste amateur. Quelqu'un peut-il me dire le keynote utilisé dans le "Remember me by UMI"

Si quelqu'un peut trouver la note à travers les accords des chansons, alors voici: remember me umi chords or here is the link

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For my part, I prefer CHORDU.COM which gives much more information.

The first note that is played is a Bb and the second is a C4
The music is somewhat based on the root note of the current chord and a tone above for the next note.
Example during the chord of Lab it is the note Lab which is played and followed by the note Bb thus 1 tone above ..and then it is an ostinato .
Amateur accordionist who plays and rehearses alone in his corner, I dream of a workshop where it would be possible to play with others; not necessarily only with accordionists; favorite repertoire but I am open: Joseph Colombo, Russian music, Yddish, Gypsy...
I am in the Paris area
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Hello. I am a 58 years old amateur accordionist and after a few years off where I dedicated myself to the bass guitar, I am back to my first love! I have just bought a Cavagnolo vedette 5, 120 basses second hand and it is with great pleasure that I discovered this site really well designed and very efficient answering my expectations. A big thank you to the designers and musicians who allow these nice and useful exchanges. Long life to Partitions Accordéon and good music to all.
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Hello Bignou,
Welcome on our site; it is with a great pleasure that we welcome you.... Indeed, this site is super well held thanks to our Administrator and all the Members who participate in it.... It will allow you to find music of all kinds, advice, information and help; do not hesitate to ask us and to participate if you can.Bonne musiqueVenonait
Hello BignouWelcome to the club. We are all a great team of enthusiasts. Don't hesitate to write to us on this forum. Like you, I took up the Accordion again as an amateur after a relatively long period of absence.
Good evening Bignou, Like the other members, I also welcome you among us. May this site bring you a favorable answer to your search for scores or advice. I see that we are (within a year) the same age, and that we play on the same brand of accordion. Indeed, I offered myself the last born baby of CAVA; the digit millennium. It's the best! It is all digital and especially less heavy than my old one which was acoustic and digital. Its weight was becoming unbearable for my back because of the various options on it (HF etc...). Go to YOUTUBE and type DIGIT CAVAGNOLO you will appreciate, I'm sure, the demonstrations of Matthieu who is the designer of this excellent product.well musically and very confraternally.MUSETTE27
Hello Bignou and welcome :)
We hope you like it here
Thank you for your very nice messages, there is really something to enjoy on the site and it works well which is appreciable.Musette 27, yes I have already visited the site of Cavagnolo of course and the digit has interested me well for its possibilities and its weight contained compared to mine! But it's the financial side that's holding me back for the moment ! I'm going to start with the one I have and it's still a great instrument compared to the Maugein étude 80 basses I kept religiously !!! I think it will be the gift of my retirement in 2017.Good day to all and good music, looking forward to reading you.Sincerely.François.

I introduce myself, I am accordeon33400 and I am very happy to be among you
amateur accordionist, I appreciate very much to be able to find on this site which is now also mine, such a choice of scores
I will very soon add some of those that I have
Thanks again and see you soon
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Good evening,

Welcome among us accordion 33400.

Yes, this site is great

hello and welcome ! Germinon
Hello François !

welcome on PA ....
find what you are looking for and if it is not on the site do not hesitate to ask .... many will look for to help you ...

See you soon

Welcome to you :)
Hello accordeon33400,

Welcome on P.A. a great site.

Where I am sure you will find your happiness.

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