Hello everyone, it is with great joy (and stress) that we can finally announce the launch of the long awaited new p-a!
After more than 18 months of development, we hope that the result will live up to your expectations.
There will certainly still be some problems, bugs to fix, like any other launch worthy of the name! We count on you to let us know about them so that we can solve them as soon as possible.
The launch will take place on Sunday at midnight (Sunday night) and the site will be unavailable for a period of 12 to 48 hours. The time of unavailability will depend on the speed/fluidity of the transfer and the adaptation of the information from the current site to the new one.
If your premium subscription expires in the next 7 days and you benefit from the preferential rate of 15 euros per year, we invite you to renew it before Sunday evening. As previously announced, from the launch of the new website the subscription price will be standardized at 24.99 euros per year for all members.
We thank you in advance for your patience during the period of unavailability of the website, as well as during the first days during which there will surely still be a lot of work to do on our side.
Thank you all for your support during all these years and we hope for the next ones :)
Sincerely, The team of partitions-accordeon.com
ps: If you have any questions related to the launch of the new site and/or the transition, you can reply to this discussion, or, as usual, send us an email at [email protected]
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Thank you. We can't wait...
To all of you, happy new year 2020, with lots of beautiful music.
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Happy new year and best wishes to you all :)

Thank you Philippe for your wishes and I wish you my most sincere wishes for 2020 and may they be accompanied by beautiful music.bien musicalement et très cordialement.Musette27
Thank you, Musette, for your very kind message. May the accordion bring you much joy.
Hello to all of you,
On the occasion of this new year I present to all the members of P-A affiliated and (or) to come my most sincere wishes. May this year bring to you and to your close relations what you wait of better in 2020.See you soon. Jodi
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Hello José
Best wishes also for the year 2020.

Happy New Year to all of you

Best wishes to you too for 2020
Thank you Jodi for your wishes. I renew all my wishes for 2020 and I take this opportunity to present them to each and every member of PA.
happy new year 2020 to all and especially good health
Hello to all,

it is with great pleasure that I can "finally" show you the future P-A! I know I've been talking about a new version for a very long time and a lot of things have happened in the meantime that have delayed it.

2019 was the year of the new score-accordion, we spent most of it working full time on the website redesign. The goal was to keep all the functionality of the website while adding new things that should make your life easier.

The only thing that disappears is the chat, because it was very very little used and took a lot of resources for not much.

The heart of the website is now the news, which will summarize everything that happens on the site, discussions, new scores, classified ads etc... Each "news" can be commented. A number of new options are available for members, the ability to create events, add a requested score in one click etc.

A library system is coming

Due to the fact that most of you prefer to use the "view" function rather than the download, we thought that allowing you to save personal libraries, to help you during your performances / rehearsals would be an interesting possibility.

The future P-A mobile application will allow you to have your libraries with you everywhere in order to avoid printing/downloading them and to be able to read them directly via a tablet on the website during your performances.

You will be able to browse other members' libraries, copy them, share them etc...

In order to make the search and use of scores easier for you, you will now be able to search by genre and by instrument. Scores now have a system to indicate if they are original scores or not and in which key the score is written. Composers, performers, authors etc. are now individually identified on each score, which we hope will make Cindou's work easier in the future and allow a better classification! A youtube link can also be associated to a score, in order to easily have a visualization of the score without having to use an external service.

We have also decided to focus on members' compositions and to make P-A a place to find original music around the accordion. A real music player will allow you to listen to members' music, make playlists and show your appreciation for other website users' compositions/covers. The music profile is also now coupled to your profile on the website and is no longer a separate category.

Partitions-accordeon will also integrate a store, which I will tell you about in another post so as not to bombard too much information at once. There are also a lot of other improvements that we will tell you about as we go along :)

The redesign of the score-accordion has been in the works since the beginning of the year, it required several months of design, reflections and meetings in order to try to produce something that we hope will be as satisfying as possible for you. It also required a complete technical overhaul of the website and the system that powers it. As I write this we are talking about hundreds of files, and over 12,000 lines of code to power the new platform, which will also come with many improvements in the speed and fluidity of the platform as well as for us and for cindou in the administration of the website. The new website is not yet finished but we are in the final stretch and we can assure you that it will be available for you, at the latest in January.

In addition to all these new features, unfortunately another change is coming to the new P-A. Partition-accordion is now a team of 3 full time people, not counting the work provided daily by Cindou and the revenues from the website are not enough to compensate for all this, which leaves us all in a situation far from optimal for us and for P-A.

After deliberating for a long time on the issue, we had to take the decision to raise the subscription price to 24.99 euros per year for everyone. This was already the case for new subscribers and it would unify the subscription price and allow us to have a minimal remuneration that would allow us to continue to devote 100% of our time to the development and support of the platform and its community. This will also allow us to double P-A's participation in the annual fund for cindou! And also hopefully continue to increase this participation year after year, as it has been done since it was set up.

We understand that this is news that will not please you, but we think that the price (about 2€/month) remains affordable and in adequacy with the service offered. We hope you understand all this and we are here to answer your questions, criticisms, and any other form of feedback you want to give us :)

Thanks for reading this far, feel free to express your opinion on the new site, on the functional changes that will come, and on the price change. We hope you'll enjoy these few screenshots as much as we do :)

PS: I forgot to mention that the new site is fully adapted to tablets, and mobiles!
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Hello Slade and hello to the whole team.
Congratulations on all these changes.
The design seems to me very explicit and I can't wait to discover the new features.
Congratulations again.
Thanks to you Jodi, we hope it will live up to your expectations :)
Congratulations Slade, I will never leave this site that I have known since the beginning. Congratulations for all these novelties and I am happy to remain a faithful customer, this small increase is nothing to be alarmed about compared to all that can be found in our Ali Baba's cave.AmicalementGreg
Thank you to all the team for this great work! Of course I will continue to visit this site that I frequent since its creation. If in addition it improves! If it can really take away some work from Cindou...
Beyond the proposed scores, the forum allows me to spend a good moment each week even if we can say that unfortunately the music does not always soften the morals.AmicalementMichel
Thanks for your support :)Glad you like it! I will continue to post the progress here
Congratulations for all these new features announced and the great work done, which will bring even more interest to PA. We can't wait, and we're looking forward to it. Thank you!
Hello Slade
A very big thank you for all this work long studied and this site becoming even more powerful for our pleasure.For my part, I will not leave this site of which I am completely faithful and registered since the beginning; the increase is completely normal in my eyes.I look forward to being able to use all the new functions.Congratulations again to You Dear Slade and to your teamVernonait
Thanks again for your support :)
This topic will remain marked important until the launch to try to get the maximum feedback possible.
hello slade i find this very interesting to visit. you say there will be an application? will it work on the apple? in advance thank you for your answer and for the maintenance of this forum.
hello slade
I'm sorry about the price increase...
I see that on the import of a score 97 telechargeeszero thank you it makes pleasure...
I will pay for them ...
The application will arrive after the launch of the site. But yes it is planned that the application will be for Android and iPhone.

As for "pay for them" I don't really see the connection. Everyone pays to download. They pay too it's not a zero sum game. Or someone wins so someone else loses in return.
On the new site, the depositions of scores can also be commented, hoping that it will allow more thanks for the time spent to deposit scores.
Yvon 06
The 24,99 € subscription fee is fully justified! When you see the price that a score costs. Bravo Slade and the whole team. And do not forget that any work deserves a salary. Good continuation and thank you ...
Hello Slade, hello to all,
The music is moving forward and your site is moving forward with it, I'm looking forward to your new version, and the price of the subscription seems to be more than justified, Thanks again.
I totally agree. The subscription fee is perfectly justified, considering the quality of the site, its richness, and all that one can benefit from. Thanks to the people in charge, and beautiful music to you all.
Thanks again to all for your support :)The work behind the scenes is going well, we can't wait to show you all this :)
I am a beginner accordionist and I have just registered: having done the rounds of the sheet music sellers, your site is extremely varied and well thought out; the quality-price ratio is unbeatable; it's Christmas before time! Thanks to your team of enthusiasts, we catch the virus... bravo
See you soon.

Hello Slade,Thank you for this good news.I am looking forward to the new version.Congratulations to you to share with all the team involved in this development.With my friendly memory.Musette27
Yvon 06
Thank you Slade and congratulations to the whole team for this accomplished work! The subscription of 25 € is amply justified. Best Wishes and Happy New Year to the Administrators and to all the members. Yvon
Hello slade is it in the forum sections of sale to search for scores .... is there will be an option ""resolved"" in order to no longer search for titles that are already in the site?
There is already a system of resolution currently, but it implies that the person requesting the score revisits his topic to make it resolved. This is not always the case.

On the new site, we tried to think of how to improve the system. A button "I own this score" will be added to the requests, allowing the person who owns it to add it directly. This will notify the applicant.

The new site also has a real notification system that will allow the requester to know if his request has been solved and to mark it as such.

Hopefully this will make things better :)
Hello Slade
Thank you for these precisions which I think go in the right direction!
See you soon for the first tests loool
Hello everyone! January is over and still no new P-A.
We are indeed (especially me) late! As usual, things are taking longer than expected.
That said, this month should be the month of the launch :)We'll talk to you soon!
Thanks for your patience.

Hello, good luck and patience at work -- Korniszon
Hello everyone, the new imternet website will be available soon, we would like to call on the P-A community to test the website and let us know about any problems encountered before the launch.
If you are interested to give us your impressions and contribute to the quality of the new platform, contact us! :)
Send an email to [email protected]
Thanks to all of you
Hello to all, to make you wait for the very next release of the new one, some screenshots of the mobile version :)Hope you like it :)

Hello Slade
Thank you for the preview of the new version of the site to come......
It seems more detailed...It's Formi Formi Formi....dable......

Hello everyone,
In order to help you wait and to give you a bit more details about what's going on behind the scenes, I'll now post every Friday the progress of the week on the development of the new site, for the last few weeks they have left.
This week, I finished the score request form, which is organized in several steps.
The process of requesting and adding scores is very similar to what is already in place, in process, but very different in how the information is organized.

Artists are now separate entities, with auto completion (on the screenshot you can see combinations with &, which is temporary, these will be separated individually in the database)

then follows a similar title list, smarter than the current process.

And finally the submission of the request.
I also worked on the partition addition, the form being almost finished.

Adding a score follows the same process as the first two screenshots, then more details are requested.

Here the genres are defined and also auto-complete, they are also their own entity and it will no longer be necessary to specify them in brackets.
You can also choose for which instrument the score is for (the options are the same as the current ones) as well as the key of the score.
You can attach several PDF files that will be automatically merged when you add them.

Here we come to the last two steps that I still have to finalize,
The possibility to specify if the score is original, or if it's a transcript.

A youtube link, if any, and any other useful information.

And finally the last step, if the score contains several files, the user can specify the page order.

Denis (dac on the forum) to rework the display of different parts of the website, add several visuals (including avatars and different icons associated with the status) and correct many display problems on the mobile version that we develop at the same time.
Concerning the general progress of the site,
We still have to finalize the score repository, then all the main features will be finished (score repository, request, tutorial, music, classifieds, library creation, discussion, event creation).
The messaging is also finished and functional.
The last big things left to do that I will tell you about as we go along are :
- The music player- The payment process- The email / notification process
On top of that there are a bunch of little things here and there, like the ability to filter news, share content etc...
We're in the home stretch and if you want to help us test the website, feel free to contact us by private message or by email at [email protected]
More next Friday! :)

Hello everyoneThank you for this great work in preparation and as all work deserves a salary the increase will be largely justified.I look forward to seeing the new site soon
Hello to all,
It's Friday and so it's time to review the progress of the week.
This week there were a lot of bug fixes. In particular differences between the mobile version and the computer version.

The score request form has been almost finalized and I was able to submit several scores.

We made some modifications and reworked the library mechanics. The possibility to add any score to one or more of its libraries.
I have reworked the tag system in order to validate the tags which is autocomplete either with the keyboard or by clicking in the list.

It remains to make the automatic grouping of the pdf files in only one at the time of the deposit and the deposit of partitions will be completely finished.

This will be part of next week's progress.

I spent some time working with Denis (dac) to fix the different display problems across the different resolutions / versions of the website.

See you next week :)
It's Friday and time for the news of the week!
- The partition deposit process has been fully finalized including the merging of the pdfs into 1 file with the possibility to order them, as well as the preview of the first page.
We finished to group and reorganize all avatar types with Denis, Online/Offline + premium or trial or normal. This makes the whole thing more homogeneous and easier to maintain for us.
I also spent a lot of time fixing bugs that seem to come back forever every time I touch something!
Problems with auto-loading (scrolling down, or scrolling up for private messages). Problems with comments, dynamically displayed content, etc...
I also spent some time reorganizing once again the way the website accesses information, in order to allow cross-searching, and filtered enough to have a global search system that really allows to find everything you want!

A lot of improvement on the management of errors in the forms of the site, to have something a little more intelligent. And that's what I'll continue on next week. Making sure that all forms have correct validations, checking that all required fields are mandatory, and that all values entered are correct.
And I hope to finish the audio player in the process :)
More news in a week!
Hello everyone,
It's time for the weekly progress update!
This week, I focused on the validation and security of the website, as well as the compatibility between the current version and the new version to come.
We checked and implemented the validation of all forms, adding security measures for blacklisted addresses, temporary emails etc...
I also finished a lot of details here and there to make the user experience better. Automatic resizing of images to avoid having to upload super heavy profile pictures for example.

The upload module is finished! With all that it implies to keep track of partitions downloads, avoid bots, protect files etc...
Several other things on the left and right, like the list of new registered members with a welcome note etc...
And finally what you all realized, some changes on the current database which had undesirable effects on the score searches, but necessary to be compatible with the new version of the intenret site.
I have just fixed this problem, so I take this opportunity to tell you that the search should be back to normal.
Thanks to let us know if it's not the case :)
Hello everyone, this week's update! This week, work has been rather slow because I moved!
This said, I managed to progress on the music player, it is now possible to search for tracks dynamically in the pop up of the player.
I also integrated the libraries that will be needed to play the music. As well as some additions to the platform to allow us to build sliders.
I also had to fight with a big bug on the news that pushed me to develop a home made debugging system!

More next week :)
Hello everyone, this week's update! This week there has been a lot of "background" work. Reorganization of processes and this kind of things to eliminate recurrent bugs.

This allowed to progress on the player, especially the creation of playlist.
But the biggest work consisted in integrating a system of "automatic update" which allows to refresh dynamically and automatically the elements of the page when an action is done.
For example the number of comments once a comment is added, or the number of "like" on a song once it is liked by the user.
The goal of the process is to adapt to all cases and to allow to fine tune the last details that remain across the pages!
More next week :)
Hello everyone, the weekly message! This
week we have worked to integrate the automatic update system
on the different features of the site. The ones that are supposed to
update without page refresh, and their opposite, also without page reload.

This includes:
- Like / unlike song- Add / remove to player list- Add / remove scores in one or more libraries.etc...

These features were already present and functional, but required a page refresh.
We also finished the last remaining pages
- Validation of an activation link - Forgotten password - Page to unsubscribe from newsletters.

As well as the design and layout of most of the emails.
Next week I'll integrate the email system, and we'll get to the end very quickly (with a lot of delay)!
More news in a week :)
Hello to all !
I haven't posted any news for the last two weeks so it wasn't really interesting.
A lot of the work done in the last 3 ( now) weeks was testing the import from the current site to the new site. The process takes several hours and so it was a lot of tweaking, waiting, changing etc..
We now have a fairly robust process that should import and reclassify all of the current information and adapt it to the new structure.

We have also finished several other pages, such as the preferences page where you can determine which notifications and emails you want to receive, set the news and languages you want to see on the site.

We have also finalized the F.A.Q page and KPC is working on making it as exhaustive as possible.

On my side I also made stress tests to simulate between 10 and 1000 simultaneous connections, in order to check the response time of the pages and try to improve that as much as possible!

See you soon for more news :)
Hello to all,
I came to this site by chance because I started playing diatonic music late in life, and I hesitated for a long time to join, not being convinced that this site would bring me anything. I am now a faithful user, especially for the search of scores of all kinds. I can only encourage you to persist and I think that the price of the subscription is derisory compared to the contents of the site.
With kind regards,
gilbert Labeyrie
Thank you so much Labeyrie for this message of support. We are thrilled that you are finding your happiness on the site and that you are a member of the PA community!!!
We're also glad you find the price "paltry in comparison to the content". We do not base our subscription price on content (hence the inability to buy scores or score packages like many other sites for example). We try to respect a balance between operating costs, time and skills invested to allow you to exchange and access this content, while keeping a price affordable to the greatest number.
Musically :)

Hello everyone, a little update for last week. Because I was on vacation the week before, this week I made a lot of changes to the current site. For the search for scores (the quotes are now solved) as well as improvements for the seo (search engine optimization).
I also worked on the new site and on the integration of emails. Denis had done the layout of all the different emails. I worked on sending them and formatting them, from general layout to specific display for email clients. As well as tools for us to configure when an email should be sent. Taking into account unsubscribes, etc.. All this starting with the account validation emails.
I think I'll finish all the different types of emails tomorrow. Then attack either the notification or the payment system. The last two things to do!
Thanks for your attention :)
Hello everyone, this week we continued to work on emails. Mostly trying to have a similar display on different clients (gmail, outlook etc...) which has led to a LOT of testing and back and forth, and it's not over... (thanks aol and yahoo among others).

I also started to integrate the payment system with new payment options for different countries, in the same way we currently offer bancontact for Belgians. :)
Nothing particularly exciting to announce, but some weeks are like that :)
Thank you for your current and future work. Good luck and patience,
Hello and thank you pacojb,
We also thank you for your patience ! The development of the site is linked to the progress of the tool that allows us to realize it, it takes more time than expected...

But we are in the last straight line and the new AP is coming (very) soon :)

Hello, I am happy, I wish you good luck - I keep my fingers crossed. Best regards.
Thanks for your support :)I forgot to continue the weekly updates. I will start doing that again!
I wanted to send you all my wishes for this new year, wishing you especially good health. May P.A. become the most beautiful media library, concerning the accordion. This one is enriched with the months, of new musics, and of editions alas disappeared, shared, according to its time and of what we possess. This repertoire we owe it to our passion, and to a good number of composers, who here, have the sense of sharing. My wish is that this year new ideas, take birth within the framework of videos and new instruments. Thank you to the creator of this site and to our administrator, for having founded this great family of musicians. Collector in the soul; still many surprises in gifts!!! thank you for your kindness. Adler
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Good evening Adler,Thank you for your good wishes for 2016. In return receive my most sincere ones. May this new year be the key to the success of all your projects and may it bring you mainly health, and a lot of music.By this same message, I wish long life to P.A.Well musically. Musette27
__________________________________Musette27 plays on CAVAGNOLO Accordion (Millenium model)
Thank you for your wishes; Musette 27, they touch me with your sincerity. Receive mine in return, with especially health. You have had a lot of success with your accordion, which I find magnificent and from a very big brand (many performances for you and I am sure of it; a guaranteed success). You are very communicative, your audience will be grateful. Your friend Adler (ask me what you want) I will always be there for you).
Good evening to all of you,
By means of this message, and with a little advance, I wanted to wish you all, Dear Members of P.A.,
excellent end of year celebrations, and, by the same occasion, to send you already, all
my best wishes to each one of you for the new year 2015.
May it be the key to the success of all your projects and especially,
besides good health, excellent music.
With pleasure and well musically.
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Happy New Year to all :-) see you next year :-)

Tony Muréna has recorded a lot, especially in his last period when, like many others, he devoted himself to the interpretation of variety songs or fashionable tunes. It was necessary to forget everything that recalled the war and therefore also the music of that period; in short, the swing era was over. We have privileged here this golden age of swing musette: that is to say the years 1939-1947, plus some later titles where Muréna still has beautiful accents. If many of these songs have already been re-released on CD, they were most often scattered on various compilations, most of the time mixed with typical or commercial songs, without any indication of date or personnel, and in these times where one product drives out the other, most of these discs are not available anymore (1). Here is for the first time in 3 CDs, and in chronological order, almost all of Tony Muréna's best tracks, (with precise references and indication of personnel when identified), showing his immense talent. THE BEGINNINGS Born in Italy in 1916, Antonio Muréna did not know his father, who died on the field of honor (fallen on the Chemin des Dames). Like many Italians, he arrived in France with his mother, who remarried in 1923 to a fellow countryman, shortly after the First World War. They settled in Nogent-sur-Marne and then in Joinville. An uncle gave his first accordion to the young Tony, who showed a serious aptitude for music and studied with passion and persistence. The autodidact benefits from the advice of the great Médard Ferrero. At the age of twelve, he already performed at his first balls. Then, launched by his cousin Louis Ferrari (1910-1988), also an accordionist, he started in cabarets and guinguettes. He lost his mother and then his stepfather and found himself alone with his sister and three half-sisters. To make boil the pot he puts the double bites, puts himself in the bandoneon and quickly integrates the best orchestras of tango (Rafael Canaro, Eduardo Bianco...). We are in 1932, Muréna is only 16 years old ! His quintet is sufficiently famous to be part of the replacements of the holder of the Balajo. Having to go on tour, Muréna proposes to Jo Privat to replace him at the Balajo; the latter will remain there 50 years! Muréna plays at La Silhouette, La Boule noire, La Java, Le Pré Catelan, Ciro's... The guitarists Didi Duprat, Lucien Gallopin, one or the other of the Ferré, are then its accompanists. SWING MUSETTE It is in France that the first full-fledged jazz accordion develops. Roger Etlens is said to have been one of the first to play jazz on the accordion, followed by Louis Richardet and Charley Bazin. But these precursors did not record much and it is Viseur who will be the first great jazz accordionist, followed immediately by Muréna. In the absence of the American models, who left for the United States after the declaration of war, the pioneers of the French swing accordion developed a style mixing American jazz, French musette and gypsy swing. Viseur, Muréna, and then Jo Privat, renovated the musette genre in depth by eliminating the accordion's vibrating register, introducing more sophisticated harmonies, and embarking on the adventure of what is called im-provisation. According to Mrs. Muréna's testimony (2), whenever they had a moment, Gus (Viseur) and Tony (Muréna) would play together just for them. We have a glimpse of what this could give, with about ten titles recorded around 1948 by the two companions (Matelo Ferret would be on guitar and the double bass player is not identified). These recordings, not very well known, were released under the name of Accordion's Club (cf. here "?Home Trainer?", the magnificent version of "?Body and Soul?", the super acceleration of tempo on "?On The Sunny Side of The Street?" which swings to death, and "?After You've Gone?) They will also play with the whole team of the Hot Club de France, where Muréna joins in 1941, and meet in boeufs, after the concerts, and more regularly thereafter at the Mirliton, a dance hall that Muréna buys in 1949 on the side of the place Clichy, and where all the accordionists come, at least those who like the beautiful chords. Still according to Mrs Muréna, Django and Tony liked to play together... What a pity that no sound trace has reached us! "... We were in Les Sables d'Olonne when Tony learned that Django had died. Tony collapsed. That's the only time I saw my husband cry..." (3) MURÉNA, VEDETTE DES DISQUES ODÉON In 1939, shortly before the declaration of war, Tony met Emile Prud'homme (who was to become his brother-in-law), who had just recorded for the prestigious Odéon record label. He introduced Tony to the artistic director of the label, Edouard Dory, who was truly enthusiastic about his sparkling playing. On May 11, 1939, two swings are recorded, "?Madam's?" co-composed by Muréna with P. Fontaine and "?all is not lost?", a light swing by Louis Richardet. Jacques Petitsigne is on double bass, Matelo and Sarane on guitars, the latter illustrating himself by two remarkably constructed choruses and of course Tony on accordion, who combines in his phrasing beautiful and elegant. From the beginning of the 1940s, Muréna gave a new dimension to the accordion, surrounding himself with the best jazz musicians of the time: the drummers Georges Marion, Jacques Irsa, Roger Paraboschi, Pierre Fouad, the double bassists Jean Merlin, Jacques Petitsigne, René Larguier or Pascal Groffe, the clarinettists Pierre Gossez, Francis Camus, Lucas, Pierre Delhoumeau or Hubert Rostaing, the pianists Michel Ramos or Boris Sarbek, the guitarists Didi Duprat, René Duchaussoir, Lucien Gallopin... Between 1939 and 1943, Muréna drew largely from the gypsy source and more exactly from the gypsy source, by joining, just like Viseur (and a little later Privat) the talents of the Ferret brothers: Baro, Matelo and Sarane. In 1941, Tony becomes the star of the Odeon records and puts 22 titles in the can that year; the accordionist has perhaps never played so brilliantly. If his style is less fiery, less flamboyant than Viseur's, his touch is more sentimental and airy (cf. "?Le paradis perdu?", a magnificent ballad where Muréna combines finesse and feeling, this beautiful version of "?Yeux noirs?" with a long guitar chorus probably by Sarane, or these nervous swings like "?Le jitterbug?", "?Playmates?", "?Express 113?"or "China Town", an "American" jazz theme that the needs of the French production will rename "Chinatown", the opportunity for Muréna to launch some beautiful rockets), these last titles almost all interpreted with a septet with a very Goodmanian spirit: piano, drums and clarinet (excellent chorus of Pierre Delhoumeau). The accordionist treats the instrument like a real orchestra, taking advantage of all its resources: finesse of play, phrasing of a rare elegance, sense of exposition of a theme, constant inspiration. Stylist as there are few, he is never in the clichés: originality, spirit of creation and freshness are at the appointment. For Marcel Azzola, "?when Tony plays, we forget that it is the accordion, he is an authentic genius? Muréna is also the author of some fabulous compositions such as "Swing promenade", "Pacific" (a kind of blues that starts a bit like Django Reinhardt's "Rythm Futur", with an acceleration of the tempo illuminated by a sparkling guitar chorus, probably due to Baro Ferret, and rockets sent by Tony), "Ciro's", on which his suppleness and relaxed phrasing are marvellous, "Milk Bar", one of his most famous swings."one of his most accomplished swings or "?Pré catelan?", a swing recorded on May 30, 1942, a day when grace was undoubtedly upon him, since he also recorded "?Indifference? and "?Passion?", two masterpieces of great melodic beauty, co-composed with Joseph Colombo, charged with sensitivity and emotion, illuminated by Baro's chorus and which have not ceased to be played and replayed since. Muréna is thus, with Viseur and Privat, the singer of the waltz in minor which, imbued with a certain spleen, imposes itself as the masterpiece of jazz musette. MYSTERY AND GUMDROP !
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Hello to all of you
I have just received a wonderful gift from a friend (from the early days of PA) ....
I could just as easily have made it my own, but it's not my style
I am sending you the address of this site of free accordion scores:

Thanks to you, my friend L.
Best wishes to all for this new year!
HELLO jmimi

A healthy New Year to all
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Boldog Új evet barátom, mindenki, és a család


I notice that several people feel revolted by the implementation of the contribution I want to remind that a topic was opened several months ago entitled: Operation of the new site

and available here : http://www.partitions-accordeon.com/topic/title=-IMPORTANT--Fonctionnement-du-nouveau-site/id=5428

In this topic several options were discussed and a poll was launched where everyone was invited to give their opinion, a solution was taken taking into account the participations in this discussion.

To those who are not happy with the solution adopted, I ask you if you were aware of this topic that has remained at the top of the discussions for a long time, and if you have read at least one of the many other topics where the contribution has been discussed such as most recently :

The membership fee is not intended to monetize the scores available only to allow participation in the operating costs of the site.

It is a contribution of 15 euros per year, that is 1.25 euros per month....
Which entitles you to the entire website, all the old and new features and all those that will be added over time.

It is also a guarantee of the site's durability, which will allow it to endure and continue to be financed over the years.

Thank you.
72 Replies
Slade good evening,

I totally agree with Slade. When I see how much time I spend on P.A. just looking at it then I imagine you spend your days on it, especially lately.

15 € is the price of 3 scores. I count my money too but 15 €.

I don't know how many scores there are but 15 €..... You can even communicate or learn a lot of things.

Lots of new "tricks" on the site.
Frankly it is not stolen.

For those who hesitate. This noon not too much time to eat I go to get some fruit, I take the opportunity to do some shopping, arrived at work, I realize that I lost in the rush my plums, Well here is 2.49 € lost.

So 15 € per year...

A big thank you to you Slade for all your work
Hello to all of you,
I had a little trouble to pay my contribution, not for the principle of contributing but because of a technical problem (I am currently on vacation and the wifi does not work very well at my resort).
I would like to answer to Damien who left a post on the discussion "bugs and improvements":
Damien, we would all like the site to remain entirely free but we must admit once and for all that this contribution is THE obligatory passage for a constant improvement of the site, you certainly downloaded dozens of scores for free, if you consider that this site is a purely exchange site, it would be necessary to start by playing the game, since several months that we can follow your requests, I notice that you deposited only 2 scores (one of 2 sheets and one of 3).Then free yes, but while we are at it, we could ask Guillaume (Slade) to provide us with reams of sheets and ink cartridges to print the scores that he puts hours and surely whole days to manage in addition to paying the expenses caused by the operation of the site...
I wish you all a good day.
Best regards.
I wish you all a good day.
PS: Guillaume your new site is superbly successful, BRAVO.
Hello, I've been visiting the site for a while and I thought it was great! Well, with the membership fee I'll just stop looking at the few scores I wanted to play. I'm just tired of paying everywhere. I know that the membership fee is not huge and that hosting is paid for, but still. I would have just charged for the lessons. Sorry I'm a little disappointed Slide.

Personally I am not offended by a financial participation especially since it must be recognized that 15 euros/year is an "affordable" sum.
Now, why not imagine, a decreasing rate on the following years according to the deposited scores (If it is technically possible).

Wait and sea


@karandre no unfortunately no download statistics per user :/

@jo1 unfortunately if it had been only for the courses, nobody would have paid...

@ChristW It's not excluded, if the participation is important, the contribution can be reduced from year to year
Tenente Dan
Hi, just a quick note regarding Jo1's message.
Hello Slide, It's true, we pay everywhere. Don't you think it's logical? tell me what you do for a living, I will certainly need you. For free, of course!
Have a good weekend.

Hello With all the scores I found on the site my contribution is already amortized Unfortunately people are used to free sites even if they are rotten by advertising For me I do not have many scores to put on the site those that have are already deposited daniel
Hello to all
I have just noticed that the new system has been set up and I have gladly paid the 15 euros requested for the operation of the site. I find the amount quite reasonable for the work done
Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you Slade for this new version of the site. It is more readable and easy to navigate.

About the membership fee, I think it's a fair price.

When you see the price of the scores and when you compare on other sites, I find that there is no photo.

What I particularly appreciate are all the scores where the left hand accompaniment is written.

In the new scores, this is less and less the case, and I think it's a pity for learning to read the F key.

I have not yet had the opportunity to contribute much to the score library, but I have had plenty to do in the 30 years I have been buying collections and scores whenever I find interesting ones!

However, if I could make a wish, it would be to favour pdf scores, which would allow me to digitize scores of several pages in one document.

I will continue to promote the site around me, while explaining the reason for the membership fee.

Best regards,

Tenente Dan
Finally, with one exception, we all agree on the quality of the new site and on the principle of the membership fee.Good music to all.Dan
Thank you very much for your support :)
Hello !

I am not against a financial participation, but the problem is this: not everyone can pay, because no card!

For once I found a site with sometimes interesting things...

Paul, 16 years old
I know it's a problem...
don't you have the possibility to use the card of a relative and pay him back?
I don't think so ^^"

Too bad, I'll go back to the old methods, harassing my friends to send partoches lol

good continuation in any case
dachary serge
Good evening, This site is a gold mine for musicians and I thank all those who make it live.
I have just paid my membership fee without any regret because this site is a gold mine, insignificant fee in fact considering the content made available. I download a lot even if it's been 20 years since I last touched my accordion, but I intend to get back to it with the scores I found. Long life to this site and thank you for what you do Slade


I support the organizers of the site to say that 15 € per year, it is really not expensive for the service and the very many scores available. Receive all my encouragements and continue like that. One point: I can't manage to send a request for scores! Is there a problem at this level? Thank you in advance for your answerMusicallyDFRANCE
Hi DFrance, could you please tell me more about the problem by private message?
There was a bug until yesterday but it should be solved
good evening

the problem is perhaps the fact that when it is finished : we don't know it ... !
Why stop when there are still boxes to check?

Hmmm what checkboxes are you talking about?
not checkboxes (I misspoke) but the buttons :
Mark as resolved and Reply
which seem to be on (that's their color)!
So we click and nothing happens ....

However, on my last try (the one deleted yesterday morning)
the message was still recorded ...

PS this subject should be moved in ''the bugs'' : here it is contribution !

Hello Slade Contribution made ...with many thanks for the service. friendly
Hello, why not pay directly by paypal? Thank you for your answer
Tenente Dan
Hi,I paid every time with PayPal.It's no problem.Have a nice weekend.Dan
Hello, I paid with paypal, I find the contribution honest, I am like everyone else, little means, so I could not afford so many scores for 15 euros! Unfortunately I can not feed the site with new scores.Good weekend to all!
Hello to everyone,

Just my little personal note on this discussion for the contribution,

SLADE is right, 15 € is what, let's start the comparisons:

In France 3 packs of cigarettes, the site PA does not give cancer;

1 liter of pastis, with PA no risk of points lost on his driving license,

1 to 2 hours (on average) of communication with your cell phone package.

2 cinema sessions, yes I know there are some who download movies illegally. but not everyone does that.

etc. etc..

Stop complaining, for those who don't like it, it's like TV, you can zap if you don't like it.

Congratulations to all those who contribute to the functioning of this site, administrators, contributors, and then the faithful users.

Musically and accordionistically to all


Hello to all,

Totally agree with you jphf51, (new brand of pastis?) you have summarized very well...I love it!

Congratulations to Slade (and all those who run the store), for the quality of his site.

Also I didn't hesitate for a moment to warm up my credit card and to give me 15€.

So I will do without my daily coffee at the local bistro for 10 days :-)

Long life to P.A.



hello all

Slade for the statistics,
since only premium members can download and therefore be active:
it seems to me that from now on it would be judicious to make appear
the number of "premium members" and not the number of "regular members"!
The regular members will automatically disappear with time so it is distorting the number of participants to the site P-A

PS : I am very very annoyed by the departure of some members more than active and pillars of the site and grant me a period of reflection even after having paid the fee to run the site ...

The spirit is changing ... see my article ''history of politeness''.
Some people think that they don't have to thank anymore and I attribute it to the fact of paying : I fear that P-A risks to become a big distribution surface ...

Hello to all,
Like Jmimi, I am very affected by the departure of some members (even if they were very active on the site), but it is necessary to succeed in making the difference between paying our scores and making the site live, if we had to pay our scores, it would not cost us 15 but maybe 150 € or more. it would be very pretentious to say that without my 15€ this site would not be but without OUR 15€ this site is called to "vegetate" and I think that it would be really a pity.Personally, I believe that we will soon have the pleasure to find our musician friends who will have left PA.com only for this reason (the contribution). As Glop 03 says so well, this contribution corresponds to a daily coffee (but only during 10 days) whereas there, we have access to thousands of scores, a convivial site (which is rare on the net) and in full rise: courses, small advertisements etc in development (with the proviso that each one takes part...)
I wish you a good day.
Best regards.
what annoys me is that I just answered and I clicked next to the window ......

so I have to redo everything !!!!!

I thought the problem was solved ... we already talked about it ....
now you have to use word and then when it's ready copy and paste?

There is a big problem already reported .... (Mr. Slade please intervene). Moreover, the reply window does not correspond at all with the one where the message is written (thanks to the layout) ....

I was so upset that my wife came from the garden to see what was wrong !!!!!!!!!

So I will redo my answer later in Word and post it

Tenente Dan
Good evening, I don't know why Lionel (Karandre) decided to leave the site. I appreciated a lot his numerous interventions and used his scores a few times. I regret that he left but I also regret his attitude. He should have talked with Slade in private and left discreetly. I hope he will change his mind and come back, but I don't think we should worry about the future of the site. It provides so many services that it is not the moods of a few for the contribution that can put it in question. If some allow themselves to be rude, it is simply because they are rude. Good music to all (with the partoches of the site). Good luck, Slade, and thanks again.Dan
Well I answer to DANY BUT IN FACT I ADDRESS MYSELF TO ALL Did you notice that like you I am a premium member I am a premium member, so I participated in the life of the site. It is not the 15 euros that bother me (I am retired from the administration and my partner is still working as a as a director and teacher of schools. I confess that I will not deprive myself of and that it will be only 15 euros less on the account at the end of the the end of the month (I'm not ashamed to say it!). What bothers me is the change of mentality that is taking place on PA 1) I made a partition request with 40 views and not an answer ... 2) I have already explained myself on the problem of politeness: www.partitions-accordeon.com/topic/title=histoire-de-politesse-!/id=13239 3) scores with Lionel's links, I have accumulated 22.5 gigs, I can't sort them anymore and I'm looking for a software to do it software to do it, by hand it became impossible : I am a collector of partoches) 4) the members who have paid come to get like at the supermarket... 5) finally before taking my decision, I gave myself some time to to see how it evolves but I don't have the feeling that it's with the same mentality the same mentality... since Karandré's departure (and some others...) others...) Slade has not seen fit to intervene (he lets the storm pass?) knowing that it's not the 15 euros that will hold me back I would like something to move in the right direction... : it seems to me that there are less deposited scores 6) The discussions are only about the membership fee .... general topics related to music and music sites have disappeared ..... ... In short my disappointment is growing with the bugs that are not solved ... Sincerely ! jmimi PS: knowing Lionel personally, I am sure that he explained himself with Guillaume in private messaging and that he gave him the reasons for his departure ... which he (Slade) must have sensed!
Tenente Dan
Indeed, Jmimi, from the moment when some leave us with "losses and fracas" Slade should intervene and give us some explanations. But I repeat, all this should not call into question this site which is the best of France in its category.Dan
I like this site a lot ... maybe too much : the proof, I'm still here !

The sites where you can find scores are legions and Lionel had made a quite long list (he asked that it be removed, which is only partially done ...)
Personally, I have this list, I am a collector and I have the double of it ... so I attribute the scores from it to Karandré's work... I won't deposit them for now!

Tenente Dan
There is not a single one of these sites that comes close to this one. So I can say that.
you also have scores that you could deposit according to the good spirit of PA ... !


Tenente Dan
It is true that, until now, I have not deposited a single score, it is just a technical problem. I didn't have a scanner and I'm not a computer expert, but I allow myself these interventions because, almost every time I ask for a score, I have paid money and Slade can testify to that.You see that the state of mind is good.I think you have to stop asking yourself all these questions. If you have good songs, don't hesitate to put them on the site. I think you need to stop asking yourself all these questions and if you have any good ideas, don't hesitate to put them on the site.
Hello to all,

As explained in other discussions I have no internet until August 6 and therefore did not see the storm coming ...
Karandre did not talk to me at all, I proposed him a few days ago or even 1 or 2 weeks ago, to write courses in the future courses section of the website in exchange for a premium status.
Something that I intend to offer in the future for those who can not pay the fee. This would be in my opinion a good way not to lose people who don't want to pay, while making them invest in the site.

I think that the attitude of this moment is normal, karandre was the first one to help everyone and also the last one to accept the contribution, him and also those who asked for their deregistration, several having already expressed themselves against the implementation of the contribution.

I find this extremely sad, and every time I read a message like this it gives me a blow, because accordeon.com has been around for more than 3 years, it's like my baby and I'm as afraid as you are for its future.

But I have confidence, Karandre has already been absent from the site which did not prevent him from being active, if the members who were active continue to be and to help each other there is no reason that P-A changes.
I also think that the new sections - I think you all saw that the classifieds section will soon be functional :) - will bring new energy to the site.
I have a lot of plans for P-A which will also include the music section, and I don't see how the spirit could become poor if the core people of the site remain and as I see it support the site.

The membership fee is also as explained in another topic, conducive to evolve it is the first I have no idea what to expect and if it turns out that the revenue is too important it is with great pleasure that the price will drop. Again I am not a business, I just want to continue to take care of P-A as much as possible, being full time on P-A is great but without the membership fee it is not possible.

I'll do everything to make P-A better, and satisfy everyone because that's what I've always tried to do, I think it will take a little time to adapt, some of the old ones don't accept that it's changing and that's understandable, to bounce back on karandre's departure, it's not the first important member who's leaving - we all remember jean-jacques' departure for other reasons - and it surely won't be the last.
But even if karandre brought a lot to the site, the site existed before him and it will exist after him, it's up to you to take over :)

I will also deposit more scores on my side I have a huge stock which was never completely deposited I hope that it will mitigate the departure of some.

For the bugs, I solved some of them, there are others that remain a mystery and will therefore be longer to solve... I think in particular to the encoding of the emails.
I work on it and I hope to solve it as soon as possible.

Thank you very much to all,
well, where is he ? (the funny one) * the one who has to manage the site ....
another message that disappears ....

it's normal : it's full of bugs .....

who can do what?

There is only one person in charge !!! there are no moderators and I'm really fed up ...

You shouldn't have put the new site online ... as webmaster we have to fix the problems in a minimum of time (5 days without any sign of life from slade) .... the WE are very long in Canada

we expect, as premium members (we pay for the site to work) that the reported bugs are solved quickly!

The format of the window of answer was good before the assimilation of all the windows of discussion...


Edit message:
* Slade, I apologize for the inappropriate term used in the heat of the moment!
Tenente Dan
Hello Jmimi.
Stop rolling around on the floor. Go join those who have been disbarred and leave us alone. You who preaches politeness, you are not very convincing anymore.Good luck.Slade, please, give him back his 15euros and leave us alone.Sincerely
Buona sera signore Dan!

we don't know each other, but I can assure you that this last message arrived with more than 24 hours of delay.... I wrote it before Slade reappeared but I can't prove it, I don't understand how it could have happened... happen... (even if I have an idea).
moreover, the clock problem (still not solved) was reported during the night of July 24-25 to Slade, i.e. at the same time that I helped him to solve the problem of the "Score (see his thanks on the site!)...
So when you don't know not ....
I don't see in what my message is impolite... : it should be the 5th or 6th message of the day, so it doesn't necessarily start with "Hello". exactly like when we answer each other by hand...
After and finally if I want to quit, I don't need your opinion If you really want to know, I am not in need of the 15 euros paid and I am not 15 years old anymore...
If Guillaume wants to ban me, it's his problem, not yours ...

yours is to deposit scores ....
on the principle of one downloaded, one deposited the site will increase tenfold in a very short time ... (the ball) the notes are in your camp!

PS: for the record, we don't know each other outside of Dalida's score...
Tenente Dan
Hello Jmimi.apart from our differences, bravo for the few Italian words, there is not a mistake.Sincerely.Dan
Hello Dan,

prego! la mia prima moglie era di Toscana...

In short, I write, read and speak Italian, I write, read and speak French, a little less well with English and Spanish and a few words of Greek but above all
I write, read and play music...

Good day to you.
Good evening to all,

Hi jmimi, personally, the good old French will be enough for me...

Here is my answer that I posted in the section Miscellaneous questions and return from vacations. (it seems to me more appropriate here).

Totally agree with you Theo and Dany14, concerning the membership fee, like many people, I am a member (president and teacher) of a sports association, and despite everything, I pay an annual fee, although all the although all the leaders are volunteers.

This allows the association to function: advertising, training courses, courses, materials, expenses, etc... all this has a cost.

It is important to understand that free membership is not a given, contrary to a idea that is more and more widespread (at least in my opinion). Even the goodwill has a price.

Of course, a member who works for the perpetuity of an association or a association or a site like P.A. can in my opinion claim some favors, it is also favors, it is also the least of things. But it is to be decided in meeting, by private mail or video conferences if we can't meet physically. meet physically.

Concerning the withdrawal of the scores: in the hypothesis that, if one day, I decided to leave P.A. it would not even occur to me to withdraw any of my scores.

Ever since I was a kid (and I haven't been one for a long time), I've always learned that: giving is giving and taking is stealing.

That was just my point of view.


Long life to P.A.

good evening Glop 03

I also prefer to express myself in my mother tongue, don't worry!

it was useless to re-post the same message here ... (in computer science it is called flood) ...

I read your message shortly after you posted it !
So I think you are addressing more particularly to me ...
I work in multi-window with several browsers so I can follow several pages of the site simultaneously ! It was checked that some days, on the old site, I was connected 4 times at the same time ...

I want to give you my opinion:

on the membership fee: I am not against it since I am a premium member ... so it's not the 15 € that bother me !

Concerning the decisions : there is no board or other authority ... so the decisions here and for the moment are taken unilaterally by the one and only person in charge of the site : Slade ...

Finally, as far as the removal of messages or scores or other it concerns only those who have requested it,
it is their right insofar as that belongs to them...
I remind that according to the law on the protection of the royalties (in France) to possess a copy of a work (film, book, partition, song...etc.) one must have the original (i.e. to have paid once the rights)! Transcriptions, other scores with only the chords, karaoke, midi etc. are not taken into account...

I don't know what I would do if I decided to leave PA, I'm not there yet ... but still today, I dropped 2 scores ...so ... ?

[email protected].

La Cumparsita
Hello everyone,

Back from vacations I had the good surprise to discover the new site that we were waiting for with impatience. Bravo Slade, a big thank you for this great site that you offer us and if we knew the enormous work that you provided to arrive at this result!

I took the time to read all the messages and fortunately I was sitting; and the music in all this unpacking?

Yes Slade had asked our opinion before making a final decision.
Yes, everything has a price and like other great sites are, there is nothing wrong with P.A. becoming a paying site. And when you see the price of a simple score!
As an indication, there are still free sites!

I won't say more, you have already said everything!

So long live P.A. and may the good atmosphere remain.


Hello to all,
I have the impression that there might be a problem concerning the payment of the membership fee.
However I am not sure and if there is a problem I am not able to reproduce it.

Please contact me by email,
[email protected]
if there is indeed a problem!

Thank you!
I paid the 15 € as soon as the new site opened, without having read the comments (pitiful for some) of the forum before.
I completely understand the approach of the site designers (personally, I don't know anyone; I don't even know if Slade works alone... ?). Note: I am one of the very few who made a spontaneous donation to P.A. when we were asked, to say that this announcement does not shock me.
For the scores, I only deposited a handful of scores for two reasons:
- when I had the requested score, someone faster than me had most of the time already deposited it!
- I don't want to spontaneously upload unrequested scores, which might not interest anyone and might clutter up the site unnecessarily.

I don't think (except for the departure of very active members for reasons I don't necessarily want to know) that the departure of some YAKAS and other YFOCON (I am president of a big association 1901 for a long time, and in the voluntary work for more than 40 years) changes the spirit of the site.


good evening Michel

Thank you for your opinion, I was rereading, a few moments ago your message of December 28, 2011 where you say :

That each subscriber (more than 4000 to date!) put on the site the two or three scores that he prefers, that he finds the most the most original, the most untraceable, etc.

Isn't it contradictory with the fact of not not to deposit scores that are not requested, which may not interest anyone and and clutter up the site unnecessarily? It is not the departure of a few (Yakas or Yfocons) that will change the spirit in my opinion, it's rather the fact to pay for a service (initially offered) and from then on : people want their money back ... hence the change in the spirit and the way to approach the site !!!! Concerning the voluntary work : don't worry at my age it's 50 years of practice, several asso and several websites... !

[email protected] jmimi
Hello jmimi,
No, it's not necessarily contradictory; it depends on how you intend to exchange: every time someone asks for a score, if it's not in the common pot, I check if I have it and the few times (5) when I had it, I put it on the site...
I'm willing to put some randomly from time to time but I won't put everything anyway : I don't have time !
La Cumparsita

I agree with both of you. And then it will be necessary to stop the polemics one day or the other. This site is great and it is enough that everyone uses it correctly:

- stop "duplicates" which overload the site unnecessarily and this, since months, in spite of recommendations; simple to check if the score is not already in the common pot before asking for it (except to propose a different version)

- scan a partition well : we often find "cropped" or crooked partitions and it's a pity ; make the effort to rescan in order to deposit a correct partition

- is it useful to deposit an avalanche of unrequested scores? the Olympics are over and there will be no gold medal for the biggest depositor!

Good Sunday to all.

Thanks Slade for this new site! I paid my membership fee without begrudging! normal, considering the work it represents !!!! and moreover, only serious people will stay there! it's a significant guarantee!
Hello to all,

Like many people, I have just discovered "participation", because I don't frequent the forum very much, I wasn't aware of it.
I admit to being surprised but also understand the fact that the site has a cost.
The Internet was initially made available for SHARING! Today the notion of money has taken precedence over everything, philanthropy has no place, I have a lot of passion including music including the accordion, I am not a looter of site to say to me it is free therefore I take, On this site I have loaded 20 scores for more than a year, share less certainly, you will understand that I have a hard time with the idea of paying, it is not the amount that is reasonable but I do not want to maintain this system that is generalized for everything.

Good luck with the site and its participants.


robinson 82

Hello everyone: I really wanted to give my opinion! After having participated in the financial aid! Before we could make a donation but we postponed to later! or we passed over! for me I like this site that I frequent several times a day and if I need a score I'm quicker to find it on the site than in my score boxes.If I take the fishing permit 75 or 80 € to use it 2 to 3 times in the year, I hesitate, but if I go fishing every day I buy the permit! Attention the permit bought at the end of August will be valid only until December 31 ... so to meditate
Except that on P-A the license will be valid until August 31 of the following year ;)
Hi, just about that, wouldn't it be useful when you go on your own profile to have an indication of the validity of your "license"?
Hello to all,
Introducing myself since it's my first post here: Sylvain, from Lyon, 30 years old, occasional accordion player (I play some months, then I stop, then I start again...) So I start again, I go back to this site that I like and discover the changes including the paying side, I am interested in the forum, etc... and I want to post a little answer. To the theme raised by "Pontiac" that I roughly summarize in "Damn'it! everything is paid nowadays" and well yes, and I generally agree with the concept, as long as the price is right. As I am also a computer scientist, I know very well that the hosting of a site of this kind, on a serious server, backed up, etc... cost at least a few hundred euros per year. (not to mention the development costs which are in the thousands of euros) So either it's "slade" (since it seems to me that he's the only manager of the site) who pays, or it's a little bit everyone who uses it, or it's the advertising. Let's skip the advertising which for me is not a solution. (I'm the kind of person who thinks "Damn'it! but there are ads on all the sites nowadays! ), well I think it's a better value to share the costs, rather than to charge them to one person who would be "pigeonholed" in my opinion and who will eventually get tired of it ...The problem is not that everything is paid today on the net, the problem is on the contrary that for individuals everything is free today (1) but with advertising, misuse of personal data, etc. .... To "jmimi", now that you pay, "it must work, and quickly! 15€ per year, that allows you to access a site that you can expect to work properly, and that breaks down from time to time since it's not very expensive. Even the big sites break down! (2)
(1) : in case some people would hesitate, of course some sites are paying, but if we look at the most used sites in France (and in the world), we quickly realize that the vast majority are sites that have adopted the "free with ads" operation: http://www.presse-citron.net/les-1000-sites-web-les-plus-visites-du-monde-et-le-top-10-francais-selon-google
(2) : http://www.01net.com/editorial/502374/google-a-nouveau-touche-par-une-panne/
Note to slade: Well, I happened to have an account before the switch to paying, so I don't know how it works for newcomers, but I think it would be quite useful for new subscribers to have access to X scores, before they have to pay, so that they can see the quality, the service provided, etc.
Good evening slegal! I take the liberty of answering since I've been questioned... why am I the only one by the way .... did you read all my posts ... in all the different articles ... ? (NB: Pontiac is not a premium member on the site)
I quote : To "jmimi", now that you're paying, "you need to make it work, and fast!".
I paid my dues long before many ...
and above all, I have never I never said what you write in quotes (so a quote ...), and that's where the problem lies! I am in a gray area with 512 MB of connection so I will never require to have the equivalent of several gigas ...
quite the contrary. on the contrary, I have always said and I repeat that I would not miss 15 euros at the end of the end of the month ...
as for the computer breakdowns since the PC 1512 I am somewhat used to it ... as a reminder the Amstrad 1512 with GW basic programming basic if I remember correctly, goes back to the years 85/6 so well before the rise of the WWW... (some of them were not tall!) and yes!
Returned greetings! jmimi
Hi everyone,
- Indeed, the expiration date is normally sent by email but I will make it displayed on the profile too.

- As for the access to X free scores, it's true that it's an idea that I think more and more... At first, it was not the case because it had been decided that there would not be this possibility. But allowing for example 5 scores before having to pay would be a good alternative for people who don't have a credit card and are therefore deprived of all the content. I will think about it.
Good evening to all,

Thank you slegal for the idea of a minimum score, it seems interesting because for people discovering the site with a membership fee it may discourage.
To answer Marusia46, money is not a guarantee of quality, at least in my mind.

I had the chance to discover the accordion at the age of 7, more than half a century ago simply because a former accordionist lived not far from me, he taught me the piano with strap voluntarily with its popular atmosphere and the image that it conveyed, yes another time ....
I said earlier that I was aware of the cost of running a site so I don`t question the idea of participation, I just think that all those who participated in the database did it in a spirit of musical sharing, it might be nice to keep this spirit to allow a minimum of access to newcomers.

Maybe slegal's idea will be retained, it seems right.
Don`t forget the artists, composers who themselves don`t get anything, most of them dead, which doesn`t prevent them from buying a score from time to time.

A documentary if you are interested: "From the mountains of Auvergne to the Bal Musette

Good day to all

Small addendum concerning the last post' of jmimi. The use of quotation marks was not appropriate indeed. I summarized: "Should not put the new site online ... we must as webmaster to fix the problems in a minimum of time (5 days without sign of life from slade) .... the WE are very long in Canada
we expect, as premium members (we pay for the site to work) that the reported bugs are solved quickly!"

By: " Now that I pay, it is necessary that it works, and quickly"(and quickly, meaning that the bugs are solved quickly)
That was my perhaps erroneous summary of the comment.
Well that being said, yes I am new to the forum, and an occasional user of P-A. I have not yet read all the posts, etc... I just wanted to give my opinion on 2 / 3 points that seemed important.
hello Slegal

enjoy and may the music continue to soften our moods...

See you soon on P-A.


First thing, congratulations for the new site, much more pleasant to use than before. It is far the time of the google site !

Concerning the subscription, I am rather mixed:

- On the one hand I am in total agreement since a website costs and that it represents a phenomenal quantity of work.
- On the other hand, I find that the fee is a bit high. I think it will be very discouraging to welcome new regular members (it's not easy to get an idea in 5 days, especially since we don't look for 10.000 shares when we start). The idea of slegal is not bad for that.- Another point that frustrates me a little is that the "sharers" are not rewarded with a sliding scale system for example. They are the ones who make the site live after all. In my personal case, I just bought some score collections on the second hand, and I came to see if I could put some online. I was a little chilled by the system.
After, the system seems to suit many people, it is good. Adjustments will be made over time. Keep it up. And THANK YOU for the work done.
Hi maxoonimp,
I understand your questioning. The trial period was made to allow people to take some time to discover the site.

Unfortunately I can't reward people who add scores for the good and simple reason that the purpose of the subscription is not to allow the download of scores.

Partitions-accordeon.com, does not sell scores, the contribution is present for the access to several different sections, and if the addition of score must support the members it would be to focus the contribution on the downloading and the receipt of scores what I do not want :)

Concerning the price of the subscription, I tried to do the cheapest...
15 euros for 1 full year seems affordable compared to the different prices of "premium members" on different types of sites. Nevertheless I understand that for some people it can seem excessive.

This first year is a test year, if there are enough registrations, the price could be lowered for next year :)

Thank you slade for taking into account this trial period, well I didn`t benefit from it because I was absent but that`s not the problem.

I hope that satisfying everyone is not easy, you seem to take into account the opinion of stakeholders which is already nice.


Hi to all I allow myself a small message on the subject of the contribution. To all the amateurs of accordion that we are, we currently have a site which became super for us the musicians, the contribution which was asked is only minimal compared to all that one has access on this site.All of us accordionists, whether we are pro or amateur, should stick together to keep the best possible atmosphere and have the opportunity to create friendly links through the site.Believe me, let's contribute in order to keep this site alive and to thank all the protagonists who work on it and who provide us with a large number of sections. The contribution is very quickly amortized, the choice of scores is enormous, I am in Switzerland, at a score dealer we pay up to CHF 10.00 per score. So let's stop complaining about this contribution and let's make this site our own. Greg
message to guigni
0 scores added,
not even a premium member and you advertise for other sites!!! you think you're dreaming!!!
an advice stay there you will be in your place

your message is deleted because it does not correspond to the functioning of this site

Hello Slade,
a question like this,
on the site you indicate that there are currently 1064 premium members..... at 15 euros per member, if I do a quick calculation, it makes a total of 15960 euros per year... or 1330 euros per month.

Isn't it a bit excessive to "manage" a site?
When you know that:
- a host charges less than 10$ per month with unlimited storage and bandwidth ?
- The operation of the site is almost "automatic" once the scripts are perfected...

Isn't it time to lower the price?


Hello pacc,- The hosting is not 10 euros per month, as it is a dedicated server and not a shared hosting.- The website is automated but the support is not (support by email among other things).- The site has evolved in the past and is intended to continue on this path, I had announced a new version some time ago, which is still current.- Concerning the price of the subscription, I was wondering the same as you. But on hold for now as p-a has a big problem with emails (not arriving), which I'm trying to manage by myself, unfortunately I might have to call a professional service. Services like mailchimp charge for 20,000 subscribers $150 a month, and you also add the fact that lowering the subscription should be for everyone, which means that the existing base is not guaranteed, but everything will recalculate accordingly. So... it's complicated.Lowering the renewal price would be a solution, all of this will be fixed by September.
Hello slade .chez moi on me me surnomme monsieur partition.rechercher des partitions par passion s'est aussi s'investir la recherche n'est pas toujours facile et coute de l'argent .personnellement je vois des cours a 20 euros de la demi heure des partitions a plus de 5 euros (voir sur ebay etc..) .faire partager toute cette passion pour 15 euros par an s'est incroyable ,j'aurais bien aimé avoir eu se site il y a 40 ans .je te dit merci slade et a cindou de cette magnifique entreprise .HARMOJACK
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