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michele27630 posted an offer
950 €
Electronic accordion ROLAND FR1X excellent condition.
Bought to work on the instrument with headphones without disturbing the neighbors.
Built-in speakers, jack and headphone outputs. USB key port. Works on mains or batteries.
Supplied with the accordion: power cable - 8 LR6 rechargeable batteries - ROLAND USB key.
Weight 6,5 kgs
Possible sending with participation in the expenses of sending.

Manufacturer details :
Compact and lightweight offer the same flexibility as their popular predecessors, the FR-1s, but add important features like USB compatibility and a new bellows detection sensor with increased sensitivity and accuracy. With state-of-the-art speakers and a 3-character, 7-segment display, the Roland FR-1X BK button pack sets the bar extremely high for an accordion so small and light.
-Roland FR-1X BK right-hand button keyboard pack with stereo speakers
-USB port: WAV/MP3 file playback, new sound downloads, loading and saving
-Professional look and simple user interface with LED display
-Standard and chromatic bass modes
-16 accordion sets, 16 orchestra sounds, 4 organ presets, 8 user programs
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