I go on the browser This score is on Partitions-accordéon.com I go a copy of the link that I paste on the browser and negative answer This happens I find quite often And sometimes very often I have two similar repositories that follow each other And some scores seem to me to have disappeared
That makes many questions Thank you for the answer Musically
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Hi themajo,
Please send us examples of the links in question to [email protected] so we can take a look.
good evening themajo . I have just noticed the anomaly. I have talked to slade by personal message. as you must have seen in my comments following the REQUEST of a member romeo87 I managed to have it and published it immediately. He downloaded it. I just checked and indeed my publication is no longer there. I sent a personal message to Romeo87 who must have it and he will send it back to me by email.
Hello. It's good, I explain: to find the score you have to go to the PARTITIONS section on the P.A. site and type in the spelling QUAND ELL without the E and it works. Here is the anomaly solved.
Hello to all,

I have heard that a certain person who I will not name, has circulated an email to invite members to leave the site.
I find this extremely sad and I can't understand what the purpose of wanting to harm a site that we have praised and in which we have invested a lot.
Is it a desire to regain leadership?
Is it jealousy, frustration?
Is it to harm P-A or me?

I don't know but I find it regrettable. It also seems that some people see me as a profiteer who tries to take advantage of the community for my own personal gain.

I want to clarify several things about my background.
I have a masters degree in computer science, I recently made a dangerous choice in my personal life by leaving a job as a computer developer in a big company with a big salary to be able to devote myself to P-A and make it live the best I can.
It's been more than 3 years now that I'm taking care of this site and the 3 versions that have been made, that I answer your mails, requests, discussions, that I take care of the development and that I try to make sure that everything is going well.
In my field I would have dozens of better ways to make money than accordion scores, please believe me... Making websites is my job and I could exploit many threads if my goal was as some believe to get rich...

Instead I dedicate myself to the growing P-A community with the aim not to earn millions - which would not happen anyway - but to continue to make the site evolve, to make it a reference in the field of accordion and an unavoidable site in the field of music.
The contribution once again is only to allow me to offer to P-A the structure adapted in it has need and for me to be able to eat and to take care of P-A.

The contribution is fixed at 15 euros because it is a test, because I have no idea if it will even be enough, if it turns out to be too much I can assure you with great pleasure that it will be lowered or even removed if the publicity becomes at some point sufficient.

I don't understand how you can think that, I sincerely thought I had your trust and respect and I realize that some people don't hesitate to change their mind as well as their shirt on the goodness of the site and my intentions. For what purpose I don't know...

If there is anything I can do to make these people listen to reason, I would be happy to show them that one does not go from passionate volunteer to capitalist profiteer in 24 hours.

To come back to the email that invites to deregistration, I think it's a sad attitude and very little respectful of the community, of P-A and of myself. And I invite these people to ask themselves what could justify so much hate towards the site? This site that they were praising yesterday and that today they are trying to destroy.

I think that the people who will recognize themselves in this message - I do not speak about all the radiations, some of them can be well founded - have anyway nothing to do here.
And I will be glad to show them the way out, I don't want to stroke people, I have been repeating myself many times and trying to explain the why and wherefore of this, with backlash that is on the one hand, premeditated and gratuitously nasty.

So how does it happen. I made the proposal to karandre to write courses in exchange of a premium status - the only fair way to compensate him for his investment without creating jealousy - which he refused and I offer this possibility to whoever is interested, in order to make up for people who don't want to pay but still want to invest in the community.

You can do it, the course section will open very soon and it would be a good way to satisfy everyone.

P-A is going through a stormy patch, and that's normal, a drastic change in operation can only bring about a drastic change in the community.

The site will remain the same, as long as it will be good to live between you, as long as the exchanges will continue (and it is the case), as long as you will continue to feed the forum, to maintain you between you, and to bring your knowledge to the others. The spirit of P-A will remain the same, and it will be enriched by the new sections which are coming and which are also one of the reasons of the contribution considering the work which they represent (I think in particular of the music section).

The storm will pass and I notice that the noise always comes as usual from a minority that wants to be heard. I have nothing against that, P-A is a free speech area, I do not censor any message even those that give links to download for free because I do not want to pose as a censor of all that.

I just think that before spoiling the website, the best would be to be honest with everyone, to expose his goal, his motivations and the why of the thing.

But this is not a strike, this is the beginning of the new site, the turmoil was to be expected and the site will endure through this, the site existed before these departures, it will continue to exist after them.

Thank you.
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Thank you for this long message which will perhaps allow to put back the flock in the good way. I find this site very enriching in all point of view and I wish him long life.

This is the message I was waiting for THANK YOU
Hello to all,
Indeed, the message of Slade is very clear and it is, I think, what many of us expected. I can understand that a member does not find himself in the new site (membership fee, the impression that some people come to shop like in the supermarket, etc.), that he asks to be removed from the site, it is a decision that concerns him and that I respect, but why ask to remove all that he has so kindly offered free of charge to the site when he participated in its operation? Yes, these scores and these discussions would remain available to people who do their shopping but especially to the majority of members who still consider PA.com as a site of exchange and who believe in its development
This is only my opinion, but I find this move very regrettable.
I could not connect to the site for a month (the wifi connection was very bad) I learned the departure of Karandré, it's true that nobody is indispensable, but his departure puts PA.com in mourning. It was the most active and most responsive member of the site, his advice and tips were very valuable and he was always ready to help us. Although we can find him on other sites, he will be sorely missed at PA.com but his decision is his own.
Good day to all and good luck to Slade for his come back on August 5th.
Best wishes.
Hello Dany

I understand very well the meaning of your intervention but you should not attribute to Karandré my own words: the story of the large surface emanates from my person as well as the problems relating to politeness and conviviality... I may have also missed a message from Lionel in which he made the same remarks ???

I don't think that he will come back on the site to justify his remarks, that's why I think that we can also understand the fact that he doesn't want to leave a trace of his passage on the site ... I think that everyone would have the same reaction !
Well, I would have reacted like him and so I understand him ...

It is for what I already explained that I am still on the site (not to supervise and check that his "wishes" at the time of his departure are realized!)
I gave myself some time to think about it and I haven't finished it yet ... I think I'm waiting to see, understand exactly where PA is going but the first incidents, don't suit me much ....

Slade is all alone to manage the site that's why he is overwhelmed ...
so, he wants it well ... a website runs with a staff ... it's been 6 days that huge bugs rot my life on the site and I have to wait another 6 days to hope for a resolution ???
Any amateur computer scientist could surely have solved these problems since it is with the modification of the message editor that the problem returned ......
It would have also avoided him to be almost 24 hours a day at the monitoring of the site and would have left him the time to have other occupations remunerative or not !!!!!

to be continued (at least as long as I am still ''premium'')


PS: I assure you that I didn't receive any mail asking me to resign, otherwise why would I have a premium account!
However I frequent Lionel on other websites (Yahoo and Karaoké and midi etc.) and in private messaging ....
Hello Jmimi,

I also confirm that I never received any email asking me to leave PA.com, neither from Lionel nor from any other member. to leave PA.com, neither from Lionel nor from any other member. to Lionel, but it is the feeling that hangs on the site, I speak about the on the site, I speak about the lambda member who leaves the site (which is , What I am saying is that a decision like this is surely not decision like this one is surely not thoughtless, it is meditated and I can understand that on a whim we want all traces of its passage disappears but more at the time of writing its termination. It reminds me of the person who resigns from his job and who does everything to undermine what he has achieved during his activity, I do not find it very gratifying I don't find that very gratifying, but again, that's just my opinion. my opinion.
As for Slade, of course we pay and if we pay, it is to have a site that works. to have a site that works. Slade has put in service in disaster the new site because some members had already paid on the old version and he did not version and he did not want them to be prejudiced compared to the rest of the subscribers. Then, he had problems with the internet (technical problem if I understand correctly). technical problem if I understand correctly), so let's be lenient and wait to see how it all evolves before to see how all this will evolve before shooting him in the foot. For the moment, he works alone but who says that he will not be assisted (he has all the assistance (he has offered on the site to take care of the course part) and the and the contribution, that many curse, will surely help him in this sense. surely help him in this direction.
I wish you and all the friends of PA.com a good evening.
Thank you Dany and good evening to you too
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