concerning m julo95 good morning i want to contact you... the or the menbre la cumparsita put the score el cordobes on the site score difficult to find. so according to me she has contacts relative to the scores of andre verchuren. perhaps it would be necessary to see of this side.salutationsd saidinguees rom richard
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good evening richardrom Well read your discussion regarding my request . Yes it is necessary to approach the site andré verchueren his son william in their site. I know their site and already sent an email. Until now no news. for information I seek PASO DEL AMOR of A.VERCHUREN and not EL PASO DEL AMOR which is in the site. Do not confuse . waiting and relaunching emails sent from me to the site manager A.Verchuren Thank you for the attention to suvi of my request soon julo59
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