Good evening musician friends,

Would any of you have a psr sx 900 in keyboard because I will need explanations to make microphone connections and work computer direct keyboard to copy songs from you tube on my hard drive

thank you in advance
good evening to you
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Hello, I have a Solton X8 SUPER MATOS keyboard ! You must have the explanation book that goes with the keyboard ! I have the book that goes with my keyboard, otherwise impossible to do anything, so many possibilities !
Hello again Gloria, I found what you were looking for! on the internet there are all the explanations, concerning your keyboard! you just have to type in the research; User's manual of the Yamaha PSR SX 900, and you have 136 apges that you can consult or download! I take this opportunity to wish you all my wishes for this new year. Alain
Ok I also had it before the x8 it was very good I had to sell it for personal reasons auj it remains very expensive I am then directed it towards Yamaha which is completely different but very good! Thanks for your answer
Super thanks bcp best wishes too
Good evening Gloria, you have found? of nothing it is normal to make service between musician, me I play in this moment, on a Fratelli Crosio super musette, more the keyboard Solton, good evening, musically.
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