01/12/2022 00:00
Every year it's the same, we know Christmas is coming but we get surprised by how fast it comes! ⏰

And then all of a sudden, we have to prepare everything!!! The tree, the vacations, the gifts , the holiday meals, the Christmas pieces to play under the tree 🎄 and the advent calendars... filled with chocolates, that will fall on our hips 😋😅

So this year we decided to spoil you, without the extra pounds!
👉 We're concocting 24 surprises for you gathered in a SPECIAL ACCORDEON Advent Calendar 🎁
Discover each day an exercise, a tip, a video, a score, a playlist, a challenge to boost your motivation and put a boost on your progress!

🎅🏻 IT'S FREE!!! Just go to www.haut2gammes.com/calendrier-avent to sign up.
You will then receive your digital calendar in your mailbox on December 1.
🪄All you have to do is pick up your surprises each day and let yourself be guided.

So if you're an ACCORDEONIST and you're ready to open the doors to your motivational calendar, sign up now!!! You can also talk about it around you and invite all your accordionist friends to sign up too 😉

Hoping you'll like all these gifts, have a good Christmas and go easy on the chocolates 🍫😜

Lucia, from the Haut 2 Gammes Musical Residence
Thank you for the chocolate....
I just signed up. Thank you for this beautiful gift!
Well musically.
With pleasure then see you on December 1st ;-)
Sign up today and enjoy a
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Rocher de Palmer
France Saint-Cloud