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Good evening, I am looking for the score of the paso doble "Que viva espana" by Manolo Escobar. Can you help me? Sincerely.
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good evening or good morning Theo wouldn't it be the same music as the Georgette Plana cover ..... which is already in the scores of the site .... do a search in the score tab with the word : 'viva'. and you will find several versions (there are some on 2 pages) (there is even one for accordion orchestra with conductor and everything ....) otherwise the one of Robert or Karandre seems to me not bad and finally Georgette's one is there too! If you found your happiness, can you use the logo (white sheet + yellow and red pencil) modify your message and mark it [RESOLVED] before the title Thank you and good deciphering. Musically jmimi
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