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jojo79 posted a score
details (paso doble, full orchestration with drum score)
Key D
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jojo79 posted a tutorial

How to link
Rem - Reb 7 - C7M -Fa 7 in the left hand without moving on the keyboard

I share my practice with you,
it allows - on a 3/3 keyboard - to avoid moving the hand on the
keyboard and thus the break in the sequence of the basses:

D minor is played normally
finger 4 and 2 (or 3 if you want to add the mimic finger 2 to get a chord
of Rem 7/9).

D flat 7ème can
be obtained by placing finger 4 on the bass of C # (second row in
above the A bass) and the thumb on the C # 7 chord (this is not the most
simple, only the habit can help to play the right chord but we manage).

The Do 7 M is quite
classically on a 3/3 keyboard by placing finger 3 on the bass C (3ème
row above the bass E and the 7M chord is obtained by placing finger 2
on the E minor chord.

Finally, FA 7 is done by placing
finger 3 on the bass of F (just below the bass of C: 3ème
row above the A bass), the tuning of F7 is normally done with the
finger 5 (the mark is quite easy: you would have to bend the finger to
to make a C7 chord, so the position is quite natural, even if everything is
depends on the morphology of each person).

It is then quite simple to follow with a Bb 7M chord with the Bb bass on the 3ème row with finger 4 and the Re
minor with finger 2.

Here is my little
"I must not be the only one to use it, but I do it all the time.
to those who would be interested.

Kind regards,


[email protected]

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