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pingobegon posted a request
Hello everyone, I am posting a discussion because I have a small problem reading some scores.
Not in the reading of the notes but in what is above the staves...
Let's take an example:

At the top of the first bars we can read "Gbsus4" "G7" etc... I suppose that it corresponds to the chords of the basses but I never heard about note "G" and if it is about chord how they are played? it lasts all the bar?
If a knowledgeable soul can enlighten me, Thank you
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paul pfleger
Hello, you should know that the notes can also be named with the letters of the alphabet. A = A - B = B - C = C - D = D - E = E - F = F - G = G - You speak "Gbsus4": means: G flat suspended fourth, so: G flat + C flat + D flat. We don't have this kind of chord with our instrument, so we will have to complete it with the right hand. If you need help leave a message. @+ Paul
pingobegon posted a request
Hello, I introduce myself first of all my name is Quentin, I am 17 years old and I recovered the chromatic accordion of my uncle, a chromatic PierreMaria 120 basses, 3 registers (flute, 2 heavenly voices, musette). I've been looking for scores for a long time to be able to play ^^ (I didn't do solfeggio but I still decipher), I also play a lot by ear...
My repertory is quite limited and that's why I would like to add some music that I like otu first ^^
That's why I'm asking a kind soul, if she has a score of "Viva la Vida" by Cold PLay. Also, I don't know how to play the bass notes (note positions, major chord, minor seventh, I also have some simple rhythms), if someone has a tutorial on that I thank him too
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Hello and welcome to the site. Score submitted. Good music. Daniel
Thanks, that's what I'm recharcharis even if I have trouble with the chords ^^
I also specify that my accorédon is with key and not with keyboard-piano ^^ So the videos were not very useful for me
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