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Ajurick posted a discussion
I have a Rondini piano accordion I recently purchased thru Ebay. When it arrived, there was a bass reed stuck open that constantly plays (B flat). I checked with the seller, who told me it was not doing that when shipped, so it must have been jossled in transit. When I opened the bass cover, I found the reed affected, but when I tried to wiggle it to close it, I think I took the tension off the button, because now the bass button has also dropped.

I am looking for someone who does accordion repair in Houston, TX. I have already checked with the local Gabanelli retailer, but they only service their brand, but told me the would "look at it if I left it with them for a couple weeks." Although I'm just a casual player, I would like better assurance than someone "getting to it" at some point.

Please provide information on any individual or music store/repair that could do the job. I can direct them to the problem, it's not a matter of fishing around the instrument looking for the issue.

Thank you.
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