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details Histoires sans paroles is a television program, created by Solange Peter in 1964, programmed on Sundays at about 11:45 am on the first channel of the ORTF, then on TF1 in the 1970s and 80s, and which presented a selection of burlesque films in black and white from the heroic era of American silent cinema (Harold Lloyd, Harry Langdon, Mack Sennett productions, Snub Pollard, Laurel and Hardy). This short program was sometimes used as an interlude. The program ended in 1986.

The program's theme song made a lasting impression on viewers. Created by Jean Wiéner in 1964, based on an original music by Joseph M. Daly, entitled Chicken Reel (en), its famous conclusion, nicknamed Shave and a Haircut (en), is borrowed from various American popular tunes of the 19th century (source wikipedia)
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Chicken Reel (Jos. M. Daly) - on piano Myriam Boussaboua in 2005.
Merci pour le partage. Je vais le jouer avec mon accordéon avec un arrangement.
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