Hello to you. For your information: please respect the spelling when searching in the PARTITIONS section. I have just noticed that when searching for a title such as WHEN SHE SEEKED THIS if I put an E in SHE the search indicated me (nothing in the site). Now it is also necessary to juggle in the title trying to keep the main keywords. I think that all members with time are aware of my remark but for new members, it can help them. Thank you for your understanding. Good music to all
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Hello to you. Would it be possible during a publication to name the name of the interpreter at the same time as the composer, lyricist?
Like that the name of the interpreter will be taken into account in the heading ARTISTS when one passes for a research artists and at the same time its quota of partitions published in the site. Thank you for your understanding julo59G
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Hello, indeed, before, we did not do it, so, the "old" members have kept the habit and many deposits still do not have it ... It's being done as we go along ... ♫♫
good morning. ok i understand. have a nice day
Often it is searched for scores that are not found. So the proposed solution is to make a musical statement. But here too, not everyone feels able to do this.
There are applications, software, websites that will offer after analysis of the audio of Youtube the sequence of chords contained in the audio which is already a first help. Then there are sites that are able to recover the audio in Mp3 from the content of Youtube videos ... this is a second step ... the third ... here is a summary ... is to D E M I X E R an audio file ... to separate the VOICE, the BASS, the BATTERY and the rest of the orchestration. Thus by listening to the audio files separately that can ...I say well can facilitate the transcription ..in more often the words of the songs are already on the web ..fourth help ./ ...go ..I let you read the continuation to demixer



This video is a bit of an advertisement but it may be of interest to forum members...

Note that the same thing exists for Android M O I S E S


Doing and undoing...it's always working...I don't know if it was Penelope who said that...but in music it's a bit the same...
Having discovered the site ...with the link in the first message ...I searched for ..MUSIC SOURCE SEPARATION since this is how the Americans describe the function of demixing.

To make a CD in a studio, each instrument is recorded separately, often in a soundproof booth, and then everything that has been recorded is mixed together to form a single track containing two voices (right and left for stereo).

The voice being in the BOTTOM of the right (top pite) and the TOP for the bottom track to make the two voices represented in audio spectrum in TRANSCRIBE or SONIC VISUALIZER or AUDACITY

and the trick to remove the voice was to - flip - the tracks so that half of the voice is on the peaks of the tracks (UP DOWN) ... and planing the ends so that the voice is attenuated and it remains only the music ...
But that .... was before.
Today with the artificial intelligence ..and also that of the engineers developers ..there are applications which exist .
Google gives you plenty of link with MUSIC SOURCE SEPARATION ..and especially in Github ..which is the niche of developers ..often under Python.

DEMUSC seems to be the product that works best...it is possible to run it on your PC but it is a bit of a gas factory if you are not a programmer.

WEB interfaces (sites) have been created that use DEMUSC resources in the background on servers

as https://www.spleeter.io/demucs

You drop your Mp3 file and after a while ..you have a ZIP file to recover in which you will have according to your choice ...the voice only and the music only without the voice

Explanations here with Youtube video ...the files in return are in WAV ..with AUDACITY it is possible to compress them in Mp3

There is also the other site https://musicprism.app/ which is in the same spirit ..you give it a
Mp3 in analysis and it returns you 4 files after separation of the VOICE of the BATTERY of the BASS and of all the rest of the orchestration.

And never two without three ....https://www.spleeter.io/demucs

BUT FOR THAT TO WORK you must not put ad blockers ...

Good experience

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Hello, I have tested (https://www.lalal.ai/) and indeed it is extraordinary to separate the voice and all the instruments.

Question: then, what would be the software to use to create a score using only voice? So going from mp3 (or wav) voice to a score automatically?

I'm poking around on the web and there seem to be a lot of programs offering to create scores directly from a single sound (either voice, piano or guitar, ....) and without mixing because otherwise it's inaudible.

Thank you for your feedback and experiences.
Anthemscore from lunaverus or audioscore but it's not the same price avoid widi which is not worth a peanut.
Sorry for the delay I had not seen these answers. I thank you

Sorry for the delay, I had not seen all these proposals. Thank you very much for all this information, I will try to understand all this. again thank you and good day Julia
I am desperately looking for 3 scores. I am a young retiree who has taken up the accordion again and I intervene FREE of charge in the Epahd to give a little good time to our seniors who have suffered for a long time from the Covid which has deprived them of any connection.
I am looking for Brise Picarde - Amour de Valse and La Valse de l'amour. ...I have a problem connecting to this site. Thank you in advance. ...many thanks...
Michel (Mail and mobile number deleted)
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Brise picarde, you did not communicate the composer to us: https://www.partitions-accordeon.com/partitions/brise+spice/%25%25/%25%25/1/0/%25%25
And here, for you to search a little, The Waltz of Love: https://www.partitions-accordeon.com/partitions/la+value+of+l/%25%25/%25%25/1/0/%25%25
Moreover, if you were able to make your request, it means that you are perfectly connected to the site. No personal data (email, number), I will delete them
OK I want to understand. But how do I do this because when I ask for 1 score I am referred to a premium subscription and I have never been able to try the 5 day trial as presented. Not too cool because I only ask for 3 scores. I'm disappointed because they don't help amateur musicians who don't get paid because I play for free. I want to keep it fun. Whereas I ask only Brise Picarde. WALTZ OF LOVE... I just want to discover and why not become a member. It's like an instrument, before buying it we test it.
I answered you on the support.
Thank you Slade for your help. Really well done site with treasures in scores. Too great for us accordionists. All my congratulations because I am Picard, I could find Brise Picarde that I wanted so much to play. MER CIII....MICHEL
Hello to all,

the advanced search has just been improved.

- It is now possible to search by difficulty
- The search by tone was broken, it is now fixed.

We are also developing a system that you have asked us a lot to find scores added in the past, while having a more compact display and close to the old site.

More news on that soon :)

Thanks for your patience.
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At the same time I had broken the search by artist (and if an artist name was specified in the simple search field).
I just fixed it.
Sorry for the inconvenience!
Hello to all,

it is with great pleasure that I can "finally" show you the future P-A! I know I've been talking about a new version for a very long time and a lot of things have happened in the meantime that have delayed it.

2019 was the year of the new score-accordion, we spent most of it working full time on the website redesign. The goal was to keep all the functionality of the website while adding new things that should make your life easier.

The only thing that disappears is the chat, because it was very very little used and took a lot of resources for not much.

The heart of the website is now the news, which will summarize everything that happens on the site, discussions, new scores, classified ads etc... Each "news" can be commented. A number of new options are available for members, the ability to create events, add a requested score in one click etc.

A library system is coming

Due to the fact that most of you prefer to use the "view" function rather than the download, we thought that allowing you to save personal libraries, to help you during your performances / rehearsals would be an interesting possibility.

The future P-A mobile application will allow you to have your libraries with you everywhere in order to avoid printing/downloading them and to be able to read them directly via a tablet on the website during your performances.

You will be able to browse other members' libraries, copy them, share them etc...

In order to make the search and use of scores easier for you, you will now be able to search by genre and by instrument. Scores now have a system to indicate if they are original scores or not and in which key the score is written. Composers, performers, authors etc. are now individually identified on each score, which we hope will make Cindou's work easier in the future and allow a better classification! A youtube link can also be associated to a score, in order to easily have a visualization of the score without having to use an external service.

We have also decided to focus on members' compositions and to make P-A a place to find original music around the accordion. A real music player will allow you to listen to members' music, make playlists and show your appreciation for other website users' compositions/covers. The music profile is also now coupled to your profile on the website and is no longer a separate category.

Partitions-accordeon will also integrate a store, which I will tell you about in another post so as not to bombard too much information at once. There are also a lot of other improvements that we will tell you about as we go along :)

The redesign of the score-accordion has been in the works since the beginning of the year, it required several months of design, reflections and meetings in order to try to produce something that we hope will be as satisfying as possible for you. It also required a complete technical overhaul of the website and the system that powers it. As I write this we are talking about hundreds of files, and over 12,000 lines of code to power the new platform, which will also come with many improvements in the speed and fluidity of the platform as well as for us and for cindou in the administration of the website. The new website is not yet finished but we are in the final stretch and we can assure you that it will be available for you, at the latest in January.

In addition to all these new features, unfortunately another change is coming to the new P-A. Partition-accordion is now a team of 3 full time people, not counting the work provided daily by Cindou and the revenues from the website are not enough to compensate for all this, which leaves us all in a situation far from optimal for us and for P-A.

After deliberating for a long time on the issue, we had to take the decision to raise the subscription price to 24.99 euros per year for everyone. This was already the case for new subscribers and it would unify the subscription price and allow us to have a minimal remuneration that would allow us to continue to devote 100% of our time to the development and support of the platform and its community. This will also allow us to double P-A's participation in the annual fund for cindou! And also hopefully continue to increase this participation year after year, as it has been done since it was set up.

We understand that this is news that will not please you, but we think that the price (about 2€/month) remains affordable and in adequacy with the service offered. We hope you understand all this and we are here to answer your questions, criticisms, and any other form of feedback you want to give us :)

Thanks for reading this far, feel free to express your opinion on the new site, on the functional changes that will come, and on the price change. We hope you'll enjoy these few screenshots as much as we do :)

PS: I forgot to mention that the new site is fully adapted to tablets, and mobiles!
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Hello Slade and hello to the whole team.
Congratulations on all these changes.
The design seems to me very explicit and I can't wait to discover the new features.
Congratulations again.
Thanks to you Jodi, we hope it will live up to your expectations :)
Congratulations Slade, I will never leave this site that I have known since the beginning. Congratulations for all these novelties and I am happy to remain a faithful customer, this small increase is nothing to be alarmed about compared to all that can be found in our Ali Baba's cave.AmicalementGreg
Thank you to all the team for this great work! Of course I will continue to visit this site that I frequent since its creation. If in addition it improves! If it can really take away some work from Cindou...
Beyond the proposed scores, the forum allows me to spend a good moment each week even if we can say that unfortunately the music does not always soften the morals.AmicalementMichel
Thanks for your support :)Glad you like it! I will continue to post the progress here
Congratulations for all these new features announced and the great work done, which will bring even more interest to PA. We can't wait, and we're looking forward to it. Thank you!
Hello Slade
A very big thank you for all this work long studied and this site becoming even more powerful for our pleasure.For my part, I will not leave this site of which I am completely faithful and registered since the beginning; the increase is completely normal in my eyes.I look forward to being able to use all the new functions.Congratulations again to You Dear Slade and to your teamVernonait
Thanks again for your support :)
This topic will remain marked important until the launch to try to get the maximum feedback possible.
hello slade i find this very interesting to visit. you say there will be an application? will it work on the apple? in advance thank you for your answer and for the maintenance of this forum.
hello slade
I'm sorry about the price increase...
I see that on the import of a score 97 telechargeeszero thank you it makes pleasure...
I will pay for them ...
The application will arrive after the launch of the site. But yes it is planned that the application will be for Android and iPhone.

As for "pay for them" I don't really see the connection. Everyone pays to download. They pay too it's not a zero sum game. Or someone wins so someone else loses in return.
On the new site, the depositions of scores can also be commented, hoping that it will allow more thanks for the time spent to deposit scores.
Yvon 06
The 24,99 € subscription fee is fully justified! When you see the price that a score costs. Bravo Slade and the whole team. And do not forget that any work deserves a salary. Good continuation and thank you ...
Hello Slade, hello to all,
The music is moving forward and your site is moving forward with it, I'm looking forward to your new version, and the price of the subscription seems to be more than justified, Thanks again.
I totally agree. The subscription fee is perfectly justified, considering the quality of the site, its richness, and all that one can benefit from. Thanks to the people in charge, and beautiful music to you all.
Thanks again to all for your support :)The work behind the scenes is going well, we can't wait to show you all this :)
I am a beginner accordionist and I have just registered: having done the rounds of the sheet music sellers, your site is extremely varied and well thought out; the quality-price ratio is unbeatable; it's Christmas before time! Thanks to your team of enthusiasts, we catch the virus... bravo
See you soon.

Hello Slade,Thank you for this good news.I am looking forward to the new version.Congratulations to you to share with all the team involved in this development.With my friendly memory.Musette27
Yvon 06
Thank you Slade and congratulations to the whole team for this accomplished work! The subscription of 25 € is amply justified. Best Wishes and Happy New Year to the Administrators and to all the members. Yvon
Hello slade is it in the forum sections of sale to search for scores .... is there will be an option ""resolved"" in order to no longer search for titles that are already in the site?
There is already a system of resolution currently, but it implies that the person requesting the score revisits his topic to make it resolved. This is not always the case.

On the new site, we tried to think of how to improve the system. A button "I own this score" will be added to the requests, allowing the person who owns it to add it directly. This will notify the applicant.

The new site also has a real notification system that will allow the requester to know if his request has been solved and to mark it as such.

Hopefully this will make things better :)
Hello Slade
Thank you for these precisions which I think go in the right direction!
See you soon for the first tests loool
Hello everyone! January is over and still no new P-A.
We are indeed (especially me) late! As usual, things are taking longer than expected.
That said, this month should be the month of the launch :)We'll talk to you soon!
Thanks for your patience.

Hello, good luck and patience at work -- Korniszon
Hello everyone, the new imternet website will be available soon, we would like to call on the P-A community to test the website and let us know about any problems encountered before the launch.
If you are interested to give us your impressions and contribute to the quality of the new platform, contact us! :)
Send an email to [email protected]
Thanks to all of you
Hello to all, to make you wait for the very next release of the new one, some screenshots of the mobile version :)Hope you like it :)

Hello Slade
Thank you for the preview of the new version of the site to come......
It seems more detailed...It's Formi Formi Formi....dable......

Hello everyone,
In order to help you wait and to give you a bit more details about what's going on behind the scenes, I'll now post every Friday the progress of the week on the development of the new site, for the last few weeks they have left.
This week, I finished the score request form, which is organized in several steps.
The process of requesting and adding scores is very similar to what is already in place, in process, but very different in how the information is organized.

Artists are now separate entities, with auto completion (on the screenshot you can see combinations with &, which is temporary, these will be separated individually in the database)

then follows a similar title list, smarter than the current process.

And finally the submission of the request.
I also worked on the partition addition, the form being almost finished.

Adding a score follows the same process as the first two screenshots, then more details are requested.

Here the genres are defined and also auto-complete, they are also their own entity and it will no longer be necessary to specify them in brackets.
You can also choose for which instrument the score is for (the options are the same as the current ones) as well as the key of the score.
You can attach several PDF files that will be automatically merged when you add them.

Here we come to the last two steps that I still have to finalize,
The possibility to specify if the score is original, or if it's a transcript.

A youtube link, if any, and any other useful information.

And finally the last step, if the score contains several files, the user can specify the page order.

Denis (dac on the forum) to rework the display of different parts of the website, add several visuals (including avatars and different icons associated with the status) and correct many display problems on the mobile version that we develop at the same time.
Concerning the general progress of the site,
We still have to finalize the score repository, then all the main features will be finished (score repository, request, tutorial, music, classifieds, library creation, discussion, event creation).
The messaging is also finished and functional.
The last big things left to do that I will tell you about as we go along are :
- The music player- The payment process- The email / notification process
On top of that there are a bunch of little things here and there, like the ability to filter news, share content etc...
We're in the home stretch and if you want to help us test the website, feel free to contact us by private message or by email at [email protected]
More next Friday! :)

Hello everyoneThank you for this great work in preparation and as all work deserves a salary the increase will be largely justified.I look forward to seeing the new site soon
Hello to all,
It's Friday and so it's time to review the progress of the week.
This week there were a lot of bug fixes. In particular differences between the mobile version and the computer version.

The score request form has been almost finalized and I was able to submit several scores.

We made some modifications and reworked the library mechanics. The possibility to add any score to one or more of its libraries.
I have reworked the tag system in order to validate the tags which is autocomplete either with the keyboard or by clicking in the list.

It remains to make the automatic grouping of the pdf files in only one at the time of the deposit and the deposit of partitions will be completely finished.

This will be part of next week's progress.

I spent some time working with Denis (dac) to fix the different display problems across the different resolutions / versions of the website.

See you next week :)
It's Friday and time for the news of the week!
- The partition deposit process has been fully finalized including the merging of the pdfs into 1 file with the possibility to order them, as well as the preview of the first page.
We finished to group and reorganize all avatar types with Denis, Online/Offline + premium or trial or normal. This makes the whole thing more homogeneous and easier to maintain for us.
I also spent a lot of time fixing bugs that seem to come back forever every time I touch something!
Problems with auto-loading (scrolling down, or scrolling up for private messages). Problems with comments, dynamically displayed content, etc...
I also spent some time reorganizing once again the way the website accesses information, in order to allow cross-searching, and filtered enough to have a global search system that really allows to find everything you want!

A lot of improvement on the management of errors in the forms of the site, to have something a little more intelligent. And that's what I'll continue on next week. Making sure that all forms have correct validations, checking that all required fields are mandatory, and that all values entered are correct.
And I hope to finish the audio player in the process :)
More news in a week!
Hello everyone,
It's time for the weekly progress update!
This week, I focused on the validation and security of the website, as well as the compatibility between the current version and the new version to come.
We checked and implemented the validation of all forms, adding security measures for blacklisted addresses, temporary emails etc...
I also finished a lot of details here and there to make the user experience better. Automatic resizing of images to avoid having to upload super heavy profile pictures for example.

The upload module is finished! With all that it implies to keep track of partitions downloads, avoid bots, protect files etc...
Several other things on the left and right, like the list of new registered members with a welcome note etc...
And finally what you all realized, some changes on the current database which had undesirable effects on the score searches, but necessary to be compatible with the new version of the intenret site.
I have just fixed this problem, so I take this opportunity to tell you that the search should be back to normal.
Thanks to let us know if it's not the case :)
Hello everyone, this week's update! This week, work has been rather slow because I moved!
This said, I managed to progress on the music player, it is now possible to search for tracks dynamically in the pop up of the player.
I also integrated the libraries that will be needed to play the music. As well as some additions to the platform to allow us to build sliders.
I also had to fight with a big bug on the news that pushed me to develop a home made debugging system!

More next week :)
Hello everyone, this week's update! This week there has been a lot of "background" work. Reorganization of processes and this kind of things to eliminate recurrent bugs.

This allowed to progress on the player, especially the creation of playlist.
But the biggest work consisted in integrating a system of "automatic update" which allows to refresh dynamically and automatically the elements of the page when an action is done.
For example the number of comments once a comment is added, or the number of "like" on a song once it is liked by the user.
The goal of the process is to adapt to all cases and to allow to fine tune the last details that remain across the pages!
More next week :)
Hello everyone, the weekly message! This
week we have worked to integrate the automatic update system
on the different features of the site. The ones that are supposed to
update without page refresh, and their opposite, also without page reload.

This includes:
- Like / unlike song- Add / remove to player list- Add / remove scores in one or more libraries.etc...

These features were already present and functional, but required a page refresh.
We also finished the last remaining pages
- Validation of an activation link - Forgotten password - Page to unsubscribe from newsletters.

As well as the design and layout of most of the emails.
Next week I'll integrate the email system, and we'll get to the end very quickly (with a lot of delay)!
More news in a week :)
Hello to all !
I haven't posted any news for the last two weeks so it wasn't really interesting.
A lot of the work done in the last 3 ( now) weeks was testing the import from the current site to the new site. The process takes several hours and so it was a lot of tweaking, waiting, changing etc..
We now have a fairly robust process that should import and reclassify all of the current information and adapt it to the new structure.

We have also finished several other pages, such as the preferences page where you can determine which notifications and emails you want to receive, set the news and languages you want to see on the site.

We have also finalized the F.A.Q page and KPC is working on making it as exhaustive as possible.

On my side I also made stress tests to simulate between 10 and 1000 simultaneous connections, in order to check the response time of the pages and try to improve that as much as possible!

See you soon for more news :)
Hello to all,
I came to this site by chance because I started playing diatonic music late in life, and I hesitated for a long time to join, not being convinced that this site would bring me anything. I am now a faithful user, especially for the search of scores of all kinds. I can only encourage you to persist and I think that the price of the subscription is derisory compared to the contents of the site.
With kind regards,
gilbert Labeyrie
Thank you so much Labeyrie for this message of support. We are thrilled that you are finding your happiness on the site and that you are a member of the PA community!!!
We're also glad you find the price "paltry in comparison to the content". We do not base our subscription price on content (hence the inability to buy scores or score packages like many other sites for example). We try to respect a balance between operating costs, time and skills invested to allow you to exchange and access this content, while keeping a price affordable to the greatest number.
Musically :)

Hello everyone, a little update for last week. Because I was on vacation the week before, this week I made a lot of changes to the current site. For the search for scores (the quotes are now solved) as well as improvements for the seo (search engine optimization).
I also worked on the new site and on the integration of emails. Denis had done the layout of all the different emails. I worked on sending them and formatting them, from general layout to specific display for email clients. As well as tools for us to configure when an email should be sent. Taking into account unsubscribes, etc.. All this starting with the account validation emails.
I think I'll finish all the different types of emails tomorrow. Then attack either the notification or the payment system. The last two things to do!
Thanks for your attention :)
Hello everyone, this week we continued to work on emails. Mostly trying to have a similar display on different clients (gmail, outlook etc...) which has led to a LOT of testing and back and forth, and it's not over... (thanks aol and yahoo among others).

I also started to integrate the payment system with new payment options for different countries, in the same way we currently offer bancontact for Belgians. :)
Nothing particularly exciting to announce, but some weeks are like that :)
Thank you for your current and future work. Good luck and patience,
Hello and thank you pacojb,
We also thank you for your patience ! The development of the site is linked to the progress of the tool that allows us to realize it, it takes more time than expected...

But we are in the last straight line and the new AP is coming (very) soon :)

Hello, I am happy, I wish you good luck - I keep my fingers crossed. Best regards.
Thanks for your support :)I forgot to continue the weekly updates. I will start doing that again!
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Right side of the website and fill in the fields that are requested.
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I did not receive my activation link. What should I do?

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How to download a score?

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How do I stop people from contacting me in chat?

Open the chat and check the "go offline" box. This will make you invisible in the chat.

What information in my profile is accessible to everyone?

The best way to see this is to visit another member's profile.
It is your nickname, the topics you have created, the
discussion messages you have posted, scores that you have
added, as well as your profile picture and place of residence if
you have specified one.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

In case of problem you can send a private message to cindou11 or to
myself (slade) or write to [email protected]

Do you have any other ideas for questions?
Reply to this topic and I will include them in this post :)

Thank you!

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Good evening Slade
Two questions:
- I may be absent at the time I will have to renew my participation: can I do the renewal before the scheduled date, or is an "authorized delay" envisaged?
- how to participate in the chat?

Hi Cavag31,
At renewal time if you are not present you will go back to regular status but you can become premium again as soon as you are back :)
But I think the renewal will be available a week before the official renewal date!

For the chat you have to look at the bottom right of the screen you have a message icon with a number next to it, you click on it and you will have access to all the people online :)
Thank you (for everything!)
Hello Slade,

I'm a little hard of the sheet and especially much too lax, I wanted to renew my subscription today last day of course and I do not know where to go.

Thanks for helping me but if I don't really deserve it, when I had the bar to do it these last days.

Thanks again for all you do on the site, you, JJ and everyone else
Hi Mosquito,
I just saw that the bar disappeared on the last day!
You should see it again,
keep me posted!
Thanks Slade

This is fixed.

Good day and good continuation
Hello,please create a new topic with your question.this discussion is about the operation of the website.

Edit: I see that you did it. So I delete your message here.
Hello Slade
I just realized that my premium profile ended on March 1, 2015. I will not be there on that date. I would like to bring forward this date to renew my premium membership. Can you tell me what to do because I don't see how to do it.In advance I thank you.Good eveningAmicalementLeCreusois
Hello LeCreusois ...

If I'm not mistaken, I think you get a "warning", one week before the end ....

However, write directly to Slade via :
[email protected]éon.com

and explain him ...

Otherwise, you can re-subscribe at any time, after the key date ...

Have a nice Sunday
All is said :-)I received your email nevertheless, I will tell you that by email.
Hello to all,

It is with great joy that I announce that the music section is finally open!
So what is the Music section?

This section allows you to create a musician's page, for your band or your solo performances.
Add your songs for other members to comment on!
And add photos of your group! Press photo, concert ect...

All members have access to the music area and premium members can create their own area.

Of course the Music section is a very big part of the website, so it is website, so for the moment it is in beta and many features are not features are not yet available such as: videos, concerts, search and ranking of the most popular musics. popular music.

Nevertheless, all this will be completed as we go along!

This section is only for YOUR work, no existing songs that you don't own the that you do not own the rights to will not be tolerated!

Hoping to see many of you offering your work to the listening!
it happens here : http://www.partitions-accordeon.com/my-space

Or by clicking on the "Music" tab in the site menu.
Please post your comments, criticisms or other in this discussion!

Thank you all!
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Hello to all.
I see there hasn't been any music added yet, nor a band created!
Is there a composer/performer who would like to start?
Any suggestions?

The section is yours!

robinson 82
there are some it is surely, and I am persuaded that it will arrive! even if for me it is not possible! even if I did not comment I still listened to a part of the titles deposited and I think: a little pity for the quality of the studio of recording
the debate is launched the answers will follow
musically Robinson

Christmas gifts in perspective .....

It is not a question of judging the quality of recording nor the level of music of each one! just to make listen to the other members the pieces which one plays...
(it will be more difficult for those like me who sing!)
Hi Slade, when you say: "This section is only for YOUR work, no existing songs that you don't own the rights to will be tolerated!"
What does that mean exactly?
Can we put only original songs or can we put well-known songs as long as we do our own interpretation?
Please clarify.
Hi claudy,
yes of course you can put interpretations of existing songs, specifying that this is the case.
I meant that the purpose of the section is not to add existing mp3 of other artists :)
greetings to all
a personal wish :
not to end up with the same m........orceaux as those who pollute youtube and other sites of the same mediocre quality
it takes everything to make a world but music has minimal requirements and asks for a minimal respect of the listeners
if not, we can always replace "music" by another term
robinson 82
Hello: Well I see that it moves! For the quality of the recording it was not a criticism! simply a plus or a minus that can bring a recorder!

go to your microphones your scratches ect...we are impatient!
Musically Robinson

Hello musicians!
We are still waiting for you in the music section!
I created a page and I tried to re-edit the information but I just get a tiny square for editing, I can just press 'esc' to take over .... there might be a little bug... ?

info: under Google Chrome and Firefox, I get the same behavior.
Hi Claudy!
Yes, it is,
I think the bug is solved I'm waiting for your feedback to confirm!
Hello slade, I confirm it is well solved, thank you very much!
On the other hand, it seems that on the home page of "music" there is a problem to play the music.....
Hi claudy,
yes I'm changing the music player ;)

It should work fine now.
But I'll work on it during the day to finish the "in development" stuff :)
Hello to all,
a small point to clarify the functioning of the requests for scores.

First of all, a partition request must ABSOLUTELY be made via the button very rightly entitled: "Make a partition request": on the right from THE FORUM.


Because when you make a request for a score via this form, the site will search its database to try to find all the existing titles that could correspond to your search, and thus, oh joy, you avoid having to search for it yourself and avoid requesting a title that already exists and that risks being submitted a second time!

ALL requests must go through this tool, it helps to clarify the forum and keep a clear and easily accessible list of requests that are pending. If you make a list of 10 scores, it is likely that after 2-3 are added, the others will never come because it is not necessarily obvious to go back into the topics to check that the list is complete.

Requests that do not respect the protocol will be deleted!
Do not redo a request that is still current, they remain in effect until the score is filed !!!! So, no need to start again every two days ....

Another advantage, you will be notified by email when the score is added (if it is added with the same name as the one present in the request), hence the importance that the deposits are made with the name of the composers and not the name of the performers ...

And finally, once your request is solved, please click on the green button "mark as solved" inside the discussion (on top), which will have the effect of not displaying the request anymore and so that everyone knows at a glance which scores are missing!

To see the requests marked as solved, you just have to click on the checkbox "Show solved topics" and then on "search" so that they appear!

Requests for sheet music should also - obviously - not be listed in the classifieds section, unless you want to buy the sheet music, which must be clearly stated in the ad. All requests for scores in the classifieds section without a price, or without any mention that it is a purchase of a paper score will be deleted without notice!

Thanks to all of you!
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Hello, as the development on the new site progresses, the migration date is getting closer, and it is appropriate to give an update on the state of the new site, the functionalities as well as the less funny part, the cost...

Features : Forum - The forum remains the same, but a system of categories has been added, which allows to better classify the subjects and to find them more easily - The search is now also available on the forum, allowing to search a topic via its title or its content and / or its category. - A system of important subjects was set up, thus avoiding the "UP" which will not be tolerated any more.

- The requests for partitions are done via a special interface, in the forum. Thus by clicking on the button "make a request for a score", you will be asked to specify the artist and the title. A search will be automatically performed to check if the requested score is not already in the existing scores, if not the request will be posted in the forum. - The score requests have now a button "mark as resolved" which allows to put automatically a request as resolved and to sort in the forum, the display of topics and requests (filter by resolved / pending resolution) - Many of you include youtube links in your posts, they are now automatically converted to video inside the post. Scores - Scores now have a download counter so you can see which ones are the most popular. - The extension of the scores (pdf, img, zip etc..) are now directly displayed in the score list - Several genres can be associated to a score, so it will now be possible to search for "waltzes", "tango" etc... - Each score has a link to indicate if the score is missing or not, and allow me to clean up more efficiently. - Adding a score is similar to a score request, so once the artist and the title have been entered, a search will be done automatically to check if the score already exists on the site. And so, I hope, avoid a lot of duplicates. - The score search system has not changed much, it is only more efficient and more visible on the page and allows to search by artist, title, genre, type (chromatic, diatonic). - The download is now more secure, avoiding that the links of the scores are found everywhere on the internet. - The weight of the scores will be indicated (I'm doing this soon), so you can quickly know if a score is heavy to download or not. News - A system of news has been set up, allowing to make articles on, on one side partitions-accordeon.com and on the other side the world of the accordion or the music in general. If people are interested to write news, they can contact me by private message. The more writers there will be, the more partitions-accordeon will become a relevant site on the accordion world news! :) - All news can of course be commented and shared on social networks. Profile and Emails - The profile page has been expanded and you will now be invited to enter your country and city (this is of course not mandatory) in order to find accordionists near you and why not organize a jam session! - Your preferred language can be set, it will be the language in which the website will be displayed (French or English), so that our little English-speaking friends will have the possibility to interact with you without asking an existing member to be the interpreter. - A more complex and flexible notification system is in place to control exactly what you want to receive by email. So you can be notified when someone replies to one of your topics, to a topic you participated in, when you receive a private message, if someone posts a score you requested etc... - Each member has a public profile, where you can easily find the topics he created, those he participated in etc... like on a real forum :) Private message - Private messages are now organized like a thread, allowing you to easily find the order of messages sent and received on different topics. Classes, Classifieds and Music Spaces - Are currently under construction and will appear after the launch. Chat - The cat's fate will be decided at the last moment. Dues As discussed in the topic about the new website, the majority of the participants had agreed on a membership fee of 15 euros per year. It will be available as a "premium subscription" which will bring a lot of advantages. The biggest of them being the download of scores. The other advantages are :
- Complete disappearance of all advertisements - Access to courses (future) - Access to classified ads (future) - Possibility to create a music space when the regular member can only consult the existing music spaces. As P-A evolves and stays on the internet, the traffic increases, the number of users increases and so does the time, means, money and material. Not to mention the support. The membership fee is therefore introduced in order to compensate for all this, and to allow the site to continue to evolve and I hope in the right direction, for everyone, to offer you a more pleasant and better managed site. I hope that all these changes as well as the future ones will be a sufficient counterpart for the implementation of the contributions. If you see things I forgot to mention or do, feel free to talk about it in this topic. Thanks to all of you!
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Hello First of all: THANK YOU for all these precisions! and Long live the new ''Partitions d' Accordéon'' ! jmimi
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