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yoyodu77 posted a discussion


I discover this product today ..to display the scores in PDF

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yoyodu77 posted a discussion
For those who would like to discover the future version 4 of MuseScore and who are impatient ...here is a BETA version ..for PC get the MSI ..install it by changing BETA 4 in the name and do not forget to check the box ..long installation.


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yoyodu77 posted a discussion

Does anyone have news of J J PECOURT? Impossible to communicate with him...no answer to the messages?

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OK everything is fine....
yoyodu77 posted a discussion
Often it is searched for scores that are not found. So the proposed solution is to make a musical statement. But here too, not everyone feels able to do this.
There are applications, software, websites that will offer after analysis of the audio of Youtube the sequence of chords contained in the audio which is already a first help. Then there are sites that are able to recover the audio in Mp3 from the content of Youtube videos ... this is a second step ... the third ... here is a summary ... is to D E M I X E R an audio file ... to separate the VOICE, the BASS, the BATTERY and the rest of the orchestration. Thus by listening to the audio files separately that can ...I say well can facilitate the transcription ..in more often the words of the songs are already on the web ..fourth help ./ ...go ..I let you read the continuation to demixer



This video is a bit of an advertisement but it may be of interest to forum members...

Note that the same thing exists for Android M O I S E S


Doing and undoing...it's always working...I don't know if it was Penelope who said that...but in music it's a bit the same...
Having discovered the site ...with the link in the first message ...I searched for ..MUSIC SOURCE SEPARATION since this is how the Americans describe the function of demixing.

To make a CD in a studio, each instrument is recorded separately, often in a soundproof booth, and then everything that has been recorded is mixed together to form a single track containing two voices (right and left for stereo).

The voice being in the BOTTOM of the right (top pite) and the TOP for the bottom track to make the two voices represented in audio spectrum in TRANSCRIBE or SONIC VISUALIZER or AUDACITY

and the trick to remove the voice was to - flip - the tracks so that half of the voice is on the peaks of the tracks (UP DOWN) ... and planing the ends so that the voice is attenuated and it remains only the music ...
But that .... was before.
Today with the artificial intelligence ..and also that of the engineers developers ..there are applications which exist .
Google gives you plenty of link with MUSIC SOURCE SEPARATION ..and especially in Github ..which is the niche of developers ..often under Python.

DEMUSC seems to be the product that works best...it is possible to run it on your PC but it is a bit of a gas factory if you are not a programmer.

WEB interfaces (sites) have been created that use DEMUSC resources in the background on servers

as https://www.spleeter.io/demucs

You drop your Mp3 file and after a while ..you have a ZIP file to recover in which you will have according to your choice ...the voice only and the music only without the voice

Explanations here with Youtube video ...the files in return are in WAV ..with AUDACITY it is possible to compress them in Mp3

There is also the other site https://musicprism.app/ which is in the same spirit ..you give it a
Mp3 in analysis and it returns you 4 files after separation of the VOICE of the BATTERY of the BASS and of all the rest of the orchestration.

And never two without three ....https://www.spleeter.io/demucs

BUT FOR THAT TO WORK you must not put ad blockers ...

Good experience

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Hello, I have tested (https://www.lalal.ai/) and indeed it is extraordinary to separate the voice and all the instruments.

Question: then, what would be the software to use to create a score using only voice? So going from mp3 (or wav) voice to a score automatically?

I'm poking around on the web and there seem to be a lot of programs offering to create scores directly from a single sound (either voice, piano or guitar, ....) and without mixing because otherwise it's inaudible.

Thank you for your feedback and experiences.
Anthemscore from lunaverus or audioscore but it's not the same price avoid widi which is not worth a peanut.
Sorry for the delay I had not seen these answers. I thank you

Sorry for the delay, I had not seen all these proposals. Thank you very much for all this information, I will try to understand all this. again thank you and good day Julia
yoyodu77 posted a request
Dalida 2022 and thank you very much for all the people involved in the research.
Hi yoyo, for your future requests, you have to separate each artist with the enter key.
Hello Slade I tried ..but it did not want to pass ..the only artist being Dalida ..the other people listed ..are the songwriters composers arrangers ..which can avoid the similarities of titles .thanks for the information .
Even if the artist does not exist, by validating it with the entry it will be created.
Authors, composers and arrangers are now captured in the same way
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