12/01/2023 00:00
Villennes-sur-Seine 78
The Marcel Azzola Collection

An exhibition to watch and listen to!
From January 7 to 22, 2023

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A land of accordions, Villennes-sur-Seine welcomes the Azzola Collection from January 7 to 22 for an exceptional exhibition at the Salle Fordan.

The exhibition presents the popular history of an instrument that is no less popular, magnified by one of its greatest performers, Marcel Azzola, who lived in Villennes-sur-Seine until the end of his days. You'll find :

- Rare accordions: from the instrument's beginnings to its contemporary version, taken from the artist's immense private collection.

- Superb art photographs by Aurélie Vandenweghe enrich the collection.

- Unveiled archives recount a lifetime of music, encounters and magical, legendary moments, such as Brel's "Chauffe Marcel" during the Vesoul recording session.

Turntables and headphones enable you to listen in confidence to the artist's voice fixed on vinyl.

"The desire to transmit

QR codes complete the set-up, allowing visitors to view and listen to interviews, concerts and archive documents. The exhibition is resolutely intergenerational, as my father always wanted to pass on his music," explains Catherine Azzola, daughter of Villennoise accordionist Marcel Azzola. As well as being a talented musician, he was a passionate collector, and we're only showing a tiny part of his collection here. With this exhibition, we
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