Are you looking for a music sheet?
Thanks to whoever will provide me with this score. Chromatic accordion
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hello, have you looked in the page partitions, there is already the choice!
🎶Thank you, thank you! 👍👏🌺🌺🌸🌸
You just have to write "The accordionist" in the search box of the score tab: at least 4 scores.
Good evening Cavag31 Good evening to you and thank you.
I don't understand because I ask in the partition tab and it tells me nothing found...Bizarre....
Hello lesorgues,
could you share the link of your search so that I can see (the link of the browser once the search is done)
The score is normally on the site
Good evening Papounet Thank you very much.
Thanks if you have it for accordion!
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Good evening Salomon
Just type the title in the SEARCH area and everything is there.
Good evening theo.
Yes, you can type the title in the SEARCH field, but it does not exist on the home page. It is imperative to go to the PARTITIONS or DEMANDS zone to do a search. And be careful, at the slightest spelling error in the title you are invited to publish a request, because the search engine is discriminating in the extreme. If this comment could make things move forward and reduce all these unjustified requests.

The search should be done on the scores page because that's where the scores are. It was already the case on the old site. Nothing new here. I removed the search on the page of the requests to avoid the confusion.

There will be no search on the home page because it is not intuitive or logical. There are almost 10 different categories on PA. A search bar for scores on the home page does not work unless you do a global search on the whole site and we are talking about a considerable redesign of the site.

For the spelling of the scores. I would like to be able to do a less strict search. The applicants are invited to search by term (as on the old site) if they do not have the exact title. I don't have the ability to set up a system that corrects human error on misspelled words. I would like to, but it is not possible.

Most searches can be easily found by typing the exact title of the request in the score search (this one is a perfect example) and 90% of the scores that are requested and already submitted are also. So bad spelling is not the problem.
Getting things done is.
But the question is why people post a request when the score is there just by typing the title?
Are they not even trying to search?
I think the first step is to add a message on the request form to invite people to search before posting a request.
There is also one thing to know. When requesting sheet music (and you can test this yourself). The site makes a search for the requested score.
it displays the list of suggestions (in this case there is the exact score of the accordionist - Edith Piaf) and asks the requester if the score is in the list or not and the requester must click on the button "no it is not" in order to post his request.

At this level? What else can be done? The requester does not search, the requester does not read, the requester does not click on the result that is displayed in front of him, and instead continues with the request.

Again, I invite you to test the process with the title we are currently commenting on to give you an idea.

We'll try to redesign this window to better channel the requester's attention, but we're really struggling with people who don't want to read.

Hello everyone ..Solomon has been a premium member since 2018 so we are not dealing with a newbie. It would be good if he would speak up about the fact that he didn't find what he was asking for with all the tools available.
Hi Yoyodu77, I found the score and it's working fine for me, thanks to you.
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