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conteursbaladins posted a request
Hello to all of you,

Thank you in advance for your kind contribution.

Edmond for "Conteurs&Baladins
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Good evening, I drop it on the site.
conteursbaladins posted a discussion

Thank you for the great work you have done and continue to do.

Of course the ergonomics has changed, but one gets used to it quickly.
Ah! the famous resistance to change.

I appreciate always having a thumbnail view of the first page.
You can tell right away if it's a music score or a choral score, for example.

The full page view works well.

Thank you again for maintaining and improving this Ali Baba's cave which is very useful.

Ed for Storytellers & Baladins
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Thanks a lot Ed :)) glad you like the new design and ergonomics ! We have tried to keep the same possibilities and the same functioning as much as possible so as not to upset your habits. While adding other options to try to make your life easier like the library, very practical to organize your scores directly on the site without having to download on your computer!
Thanks Ed, glad you like it :)
conteursbaladins posted a request
Hello to all of you,
Bottle to the sea! ?
I'm looking for these two scores by Alex Kapusta ...
If not, a track maybe ?
Thanks in advance, Edmond for Conteurs&Baladins
Here are already some elements ...*
Here is the information gleaned from the GALLICA site of the B N F;2
MATCZYNY GLOS has for title in French LA VOIX DE MA MEREC is a tango sung (among others by Alex KAPUSTA who is not a composer but a singer)
This work (lyrics and music) was composed by J DUDKIEWICZ and C MODRAK
Alex FLAMENT Orchestra on GERMINAL record made in France
For the second title
Recorded also on GERMINAL disc The original title KAWALEREM BYC this translates by BEING CELIBATORY It is a polka sung and the authors are the same J DUDKIEWICZ and C MODRAK

It seems to me that it is always possible to ask for the acquisition of audio files from the BNF . ask for the modalities and the price . with the audio it is always possible to make ...or have a musical statement made .
The SACEM information is very meager since there is nothing more that we already know ... except a name

MATEZYGNY GLOSChantCode ISWC : T-702.384.512.9
RIGHTSHOLDERSJohann DUDKIEWICZ, ComposerIPI code : 8744385CASIMIR GRABAS, AuthorIPI code : 12453131

No information on any publisher .
Now we know the first name of the composer .
It's not a good thing ...on the 65 works registered by the SACEM for the composer ...none of them seems to have been published ...nothing ...nada mention of a publisher .
Either readings just to make the wax disks and basta .

So ... the only solution ... the fastest ... find the audio Mp3 ... and make the statements ...
Hi yoyo,
Thank you for responding so completely and quickly.
Maybe the information provided will help me to find these scores.
I have already done some research which does not give anything, even in Poland.
I have the record that was "playing" at my parents' house .... plus an "mp3" file captured on "music me".
Unfortunately I need the score and the lyrics, and I am not able to make a statement.

Thanks again, cordially Edmond for Conteurs&Baladins
It's a pity that the thread is already set to Resolve ...when for the moment there is really nothing concrete yet ...
Here ... without any guarantee ... the two grids of the chords found in the Mp3 of the two musics captured on internet .
There are surely some wrong agreements that could easily be corrected in the grids...
I am sure that on this site ... there are many people already able to listen and give the words ...
And why not make a musical statement ...
Yoyodu 77
Download link elementsKawalerem Byc.mp32.4 MbKawalerem Byc.mp3.pdf350 KbMatczyny glos.mp32.9 MbMatczyny glos.mp3.pdf370 Kb
Hi Yoyo,
You're right, I was probably a bit "quick".
So I'm reopening this topic.
My problem is that the request is at least "particular" if not unusual. Although I answered myself to a request concerning a Polish tango.
So here we go again to find the Polish music of the north.
SincerelyEdmond for Conteurs&Baladins
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