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gilbertus posted a discussion
Hello I would like to have opinions and advice on a Maugein resonance 4 accordion (comparison with cavagnolo compact plus ... or other models ...)
Thanks in advance to all ! Musically !
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the resonance 4 is the one made by Sébastien Farge, it's a super bignou, it can't be compared with any other brand, a phasing and internal box effect in addition to the resonance box is really top for concerts and artist accompaniment.
I hope I've answered your question as well as I could.
gilbertus posted a discussion
Hello, can you give me your opinion if you have installed internal microphones in an acoustic accordion and which microphones you have used! It would be to amplify the sound or to install an effect pedal like for guitars. ( ... feedback problem ... ) Any good address of installer would be also welcome Thank you for your answers and your advice Musically Gilbertus
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I did not have any internal microphones installed. I'm sorry. You may have the possibility to check with Cavagnolo in Beligneux in the Ain.
I had an imac pro installed on my cavagnolo compact plus, at cava france in Beligneux, it works very well.
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