voici un lien au cas recherches partitions
si vous trouvez votre bonheur , merci de la publier si elle n'est pas chez nous Bonne pioche
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Hello to all,

Here are the last updates of the website:

- Big improvement of the search: The entered terms don't need to "follow" each other exactly to find results. For example "tango 20" will find "The tango of your 20 years".

- The links to the classified ads have been fixed. And in general the search on the classifieds has also been fixed and improved.

- The previews of the scores (often a grey square) have been fixed and the previews of all scores are currently being regenerated.

As usual, please let me know if you encounter any bugs or problems!

Have a nice holiday season,
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Ah, really great to not have to be ultra precise to find a score, that's ultra good ♫♫
Hello to all,
a little update to list the latest bugs that have been fixed (in case you've been paying attention!)

- Some image formats (jpeg) were not displayed on some posts.

- The youtube previews in some comments hidden by default were the wrong size.

- The "like" button on songs did not update automatically after clicking on it.

- The contact page for the mobile version of the website was empty

- The unsubscribe link for newsletters was displaying an error ("you're not allowed to do this") when trying to unsubscribe from some emails from this link.

- When adding a partition the genres were "emptied" after adding a file

- Still adding a score if the file was added before the genres, the latter was no longer taken into account.

- It was recently impossible to change its city on its profile

- The editing menu (on the ...) was displayed behind the content of the website

- The change of profile photo and the resizing / cropping of the latter was broken.

And probably other things I forgot.
Don't hesitate to contact us by mail and/or private message when you encounter bugs :)

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Hello Slade,
I don't understand, I don't know how to search for a score; thanks for your help. Before, everything worked perfectly, but now it's impossible. Thank you for your help. JEAN MARC
Could you please try again now and let me know if it works?
It works perfectly now; thanks Slade
J'ai mis le lien du site " Partitions-Accordéon.com " dans mon groupe ( Accordéon De Toujours ) sur Facebook
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Bonjour Yvon 06,
C'est sympa à toi d'avoir partagé le site.
P. A a également une page Facebook ... ♫♫
Hello to all,

it is with great pleasure that I can "finally" show you the future P-A! I know I've been talking about a new version for a very long time and a lot of things have happened in the meantime that have delayed it.

2019 was the year of the new score-accordion, we spent most of it working full time on the website redesign. The goal was to keep all the functionality of the website while adding new things that should make your life easier.

The only thing that disappears is the chat, because it was very very little used and took a lot of resources for not much.

The heart of the website is now the news, which will summarize everything that happens on the site, discussions, new scores, classified ads etc... Each "news" can be commented. A number of new options are available for members, the ability to create events, add a requested score in one click etc.

A library system is coming

Due to the fact that most of you prefer to use the "view" function rather than the download, we thought that allowing you to save personal libraries, to help you during your performances / rehearsals would be an interesting possibility.

The future P-A mobile application will allow you to have your libraries with you everywhere in order to avoid printing/downloading them and to be able to read them directly via a tablet on the website during your performances.

You will be able to browse other members' libraries, copy them, share them etc...

In order to make the search and use of scores easier for you, you will now be able to search by genre and by instrument. Scores now have a system to indicate if they are original scores or not and in which key the score is written. Composers, performers, authors etc. are now individually identified on each score, which we hope will make Cindou's work easier in the future and allow a better classification! A youtube link can also be associated to a score, in order to easily have a visualization of the score without having to use an external service.

We have also decided to focus on members' compositions and to make P-A a place to find original music around the accordion. A real music player will allow you to listen to members' music, make playlists and show your appreciation for other website users' compositions/covers. The music profile is also now coupled to your profile on the website and is no longer a separate category.

Partitions-accordeon will also integrate a store, which I will tell you about in another post so as not to bombard too much information at once. There are also a lot of other improvements that we will tell you about as we go along :)

The redesign of the score-accordion has been in the works since the beginning of the year, it required several months of design, reflections and meetings in order to try to produce something that we hope will be as satisfying as possible for you. It also required a complete technical overhaul of the website and the system that powers it. As I write this we are talking about hundreds of files, and over 12,000 lines of code to power the new platform, which will also come with many improvements in the speed and fluidity of the platform as well as for us and for cindou in the administration of the website. The new website is not yet finished but we are in the final stretch and we can assure you that it will be available for you, at the latest in January.

In addition to all these new features, unfortunately another change is coming to the new P-A. Partition-accordion is now a team of 3 full time people, not counting the work provided daily by Cindou and the revenues from the website are not enough to compensate for all this, which leaves us all in a situation far from optimal for us and for P-A.

After deliberating for a long time on the issue, we had to take the decision to raise the subscription price to 24.99 euros per year for everyone. This was already the case for new subscribers and it would unify the subscription price and allow us to have a minimal remuneration that would allow us to continue to devote 100% of our time to the development and support of the platform and its community. This will also allow us to double P-A's participation in the annual fund for cindou! And also hopefully continue to increase this participation year after year, as it has been done since it was set up.

We understand that this is news that will not please you, but we think that the price (about 2€/month) remains affordable and in adequacy with the service offered. We hope you understand all this and we are here to answer your questions, criticisms, and any other form of feedback you want to give us :)

Thanks for reading this far, feel free to express your opinion on the new site, on the functional changes that will come, and on the price change. We hope you'll enjoy these few screenshots as much as we do :)

PS: I forgot to mention that the new site is fully adapted to tablets, and mobiles!
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Hello Slade and hello to the whole team.
Congratulations on all these changes.
The design seems to me very explicit and I can't wait to discover the new features.
Congratulations again.
Thanks to you Jodi, we hope it will live up to your expectations :)
Congratulations Slade, I will never leave this site that I have known since the beginning. Congratulations for all these novelties and I am happy to remain a faithful customer, this small increase is nothing to be alarmed about compared to all that can be found in our Ali Baba's cave.AmicalementGreg
Thank you to all the team for this great work! Of course I will continue to visit this site that I frequent since its creation. If in addition it improves! If it can really take away some work from Cindou...
Beyond the proposed scores, the forum allows me to spend a good moment each week even if we can say that unfortunately the music does not always soften the morals.AmicalementMichel
Thanks for your support :)Glad you like it! I will continue to post the progress here
Congratulations for all these new features announced and the great work done, which will bring even more interest to PA. We can't wait, and we're looking forward to it. Thank you!
Hello Slade
A very big thank you for all this work long studied and this site becoming even more powerful for our pleasure.For my part, I will not leave this site of which I am completely faithful and registered since the beginning; the increase is completely normal in my eyes.I look forward to being able to use all the new functions.Congratulations again to You Dear Slade and to your teamVernonait
Thanks again for your support :)
This topic will remain marked important until the launch to try to get the maximum feedback possible.
hello slade i find this very interesting to visit. you say there will be an application? will it work on the apple? in advance thank you for your answer and for the maintenance of this forum.
hello slade
I'm sorry about the price increase...
I see that on the import of a score 97 telechargeeszero thank you it makes pleasure...
I will pay for them ...
The application will arrive after the launch of the site. But yes it is planned that the application will be for Android and iPhone.

As for "pay for them" I don't really see the connection. Everyone pays to download. They pay too it's not a zero sum game. Or someone wins so someone else loses in return.
On the new site, the depositions of scores can also be commented, hoping that it will allow more thanks for the time spent to deposit scores.
Yvon 06
The 24,99 € subscription fee is fully justified! When you see the price that a score costs. Bravo Slade and the whole team. And do not forget that any work deserves a salary. Good continuation and thank you ...
Hello Slade, hello to all,
The music is moving forward and your site is moving forward with it, I'm looking forward to your new version, and the price of the subscription seems to be more than justified, Thanks again.
I totally agree. The subscription fee is perfectly justified, considering the quality of the site, its richness, and all that one can benefit from. Thanks to the people in charge, and beautiful music to you all.
Thanks again to all for your support :)The work behind the scenes is going well, we can't wait to show you all this :)
I am a beginner accordionist and I have just registered: having done the rounds of the sheet music sellers, your site is extremely varied and well thought out; the quality-price ratio is unbeatable; it's Christmas before time! Thanks to your team of enthusiasts, we catch the virus... bravo
See you soon.

Hello Slade,Thank you for this good news.I am looking forward to the new version.Congratulations to you to share with all the team involved in this development.With my friendly memory.Musette27
Yvon 06
Thank you Slade and congratulations to the whole team for this accomplished work! The subscription of 25 € is amply justified. Best Wishes and Happy New Year to the Administrators and to all the members. Yvon
Hello slade is it in the forum sections of sale to search for scores .... is there will be an option ""resolved"" in order to no longer search for titles that are already in the site?
There is already a system of resolution currently, but it implies that the person requesting the score revisits his topic to make it resolved. This is not always the case.

On the new site, we tried to think of how to improve the system. A button "I own this score" will be added to the requests, allowing the person who owns it to add it directly. This will notify the applicant.

The new site also has a real notification system that will allow the requester to know if his request has been solved and to mark it as such.

Hopefully this will make things better :)
Hello Slade
Thank you for these precisions which I think go in the right direction!
See you soon for the first tests loool
Hello everyone! January is over and still no new P-A.
We are indeed (especially me) late! As usual, things are taking longer than expected.
That said, this month should be the month of the launch :)We'll talk to you soon!
Thanks for your patience.

Hello, good luck and patience at work -- Korniszon
Hello everyone, the new imternet website will be available soon, we would like to call on the P-A community to test the website and let us know about any problems encountered before the launch.
If you are interested to give us your impressions and contribute to the quality of the new platform, contact us! :)
Send an email to [email protected]
Thanks to all of you
Hello to all, to make you wait for the very next release of the new one, some screenshots of the mobile version :)Hope you like it :)

Hello Slade
Thank you for the preview of the new version of the site to come......
It seems more detailed...It's Formi Formi Formi....dable......

Hello everyone,
In order to help you wait and to give you a bit more details about what's going on behind the scenes, I'll now post every Friday the progress of the week on the development of the new site, for the last few weeks they have left.
This week, I finished the score request form, which is organized in several steps.
The process of requesting and adding scores is very similar to what is already in place, in process, but very different in how the information is organized.

Artists are now separate entities, with auto completion (on the screenshot you can see combinations with &, which is temporary, these will be separated individually in the database)

then follows a similar title list, smarter than the current process.

And finally the submission of the request.
I also worked on the partition addition, the form being almost finished.

Adding a score follows the same process as the first two screenshots, then more details are requested.

Here the genres are defined and also auto-complete, they are also their own entity and it will no longer be necessary to specify them in brackets.
You can also choose for which instrument the score is for (the options are the same as the current ones) as well as the key of the score.
You can attach several PDF files that will be automatically merged when you add them.

Here we come to the last two steps that I still have to finalize,
The possibility to specify if the score is original, or if it's a transcript.

A youtube link, if any, and any other useful information.

And finally the last step, if the score contains several files, the user can specify the page order.

Denis (dac on the forum) to rework the display of different parts of the website, add several visuals (including avatars and different icons associated with the status) and correct many display problems on the mobile version that we develop at the same time.
Concerning the general progress of the site,
We still have to finalize the score repository, then all the main features will be finished (score repository, request, tutorial, music, classifieds, library creation, discussion, event creation).
The messaging is also finished and functional.
The last big things left to do that I will tell you about as we go along are :
- The music player- The payment process- The email / notification process
On top of that there are a bunch of little things here and there, like the ability to filter news, share content etc...
We're in the home stretch and if you want to help us test the website, feel free to contact us by private message or by email at [email protected]
More next Friday! :)

Hello everyoneThank you for this great work in preparation and as all work deserves a salary the increase will be largely justified.I look forward to seeing the new site soon
Hello to all,
It's Friday and so it's time to review the progress of the week.
This week there were a lot of bug fixes. In particular differences between the mobile version and the computer version.

The score request form has been almost finalized and I was able to submit several scores.

We made some modifications and reworked the library mechanics. The possibility to add any score to one or more of its libraries.
I have reworked the tag system in order to validate the tags which is autocomplete either with the keyboard or by clicking in the list.

It remains to make the automatic grouping of the pdf files in only one at the time of the deposit and the deposit of partitions will be completely finished.

This will be part of next week's progress.

I spent some time working with Denis (dac) to fix the different display problems across the different resolutions / versions of the website.

See you next week :)
It's Friday and time for the news of the week!
- The partition deposit process has been fully finalized including the merging of the pdfs into 1 file with the possibility to order them, as well as the preview of the first page.
We finished to group and reorganize all avatar types with Denis, Online/Offline + premium or trial or normal. This makes the whole thing more homogeneous and easier to maintain for us.
I also spent a lot of time fixing bugs that seem to come back forever every time I touch something!
Problems with auto-loading (scrolling down, or scrolling up for private messages). Problems with comments, dynamically displayed content, etc...
I also spent some time reorganizing once again the way the website accesses information, in order to allow cross-searching, and filtered enough to have a global search system that really allows to find everything you want!

A lot of improvement on the management of errors in the forms of the site, to have something a little more intelligent. And that's what I'll continue on next week. Making sure that all forms have correct validations, checking that all required fields are mandatory, and that all values entered are correct.
And I hope to finish the audio player in the process :)
More news in a week!
Hello everyone,
It's time for the weekly progress update!
This week, I focused on the validation and security of the website, as well as the compatibility between the current version and the new version to come.
We checked and implemented the validation of all forms, adding security measures for blacklisted addresses, temporary emails etc...
I also finished a lot of details here and there to make the user experience better. Automatic resizing of images to avoid having to upload super heavy profile pictures for example.

The upload module is finished! With all that it implies to keep track of partitions downloads, avoid bots, protect files etc...
Several other things on the left and right, like the list of new registered members with a welcome note etc...
And finally what you all realized, some changes on the current database which had undesirable effects on the score searches, but necessary to be compatible with the new version of the intenret site.
I have just fixed this problem, so I take this opportunity to tell you that the search should be back to normal.
Thanks to let us know if it's not the case :)
Hello everyone, this week's update! This week, work has been rather slow because I moved!
This said, I managed to progress on the music player, it is now possible to search for tracks dynamically in the pop up of the player.
I also integrated the libraries that will be needed to play the music. As well as some additions to the platform to allow us to build sliders.
I also had to fight with a big bug on the news that pushed me to develop a home made debugging system!

More next week :)
Hello everyone, this week's update! This week there has been a lot of "background" work. Reorganization of processes and this kind of things to eliminate recurrent bugs.

This allowed to progress on the player, especially the creation of playlist.
But the biggest work consisted in integrating a system of "automatic update" which allows to refresh dynamically and automatically the elements of the page when an action is done.
For example the number of comments once a comment is added, or the number of "like" on a song once it is liked by the user.
The goal of the process is to adapt to all cases and to allow to fine tune the last details that remain across the pages!
More next week :)
Hello everyone, the weekly message! This
week we have worked to integrate the automatic update system
on the different features of the site. The ones that are supposed to
update without page refresh, and their opposite, also without page reload.

This includes:
- Like / unlike song- Add / remove to player list- Add / remove scores in one or more libraries.etc...

These features were already present and functional, but required a page refresh.
We also finished the last remaining pages
- Validation of an activation link - Forgotten password - Page to unsubscribe from newsletters.

As well as the design and layout of most of the emails.
Next week I'll integrate the email system, and we'll get to the end very quickly (with a lot of delay)!
More news in a week :)
Hello to all !
I haven't posted any news for the last two weeks so it wasn't really interesting.
A lot of the work done in the last 3 ( now) weeks was testing the import from the current site to the new site. The process takes several hours and so it was a lot of tweaking, waiting, changing etc..
We now have a fairly robust process that should import and reclassify all of the current information and adapt it to the new structure.

We have also finished several other pages, such as the preferences page where you can determine which notifications and emails you want to receive, set the news and languages you want to see on the site.

We have also finalized the F.A.Q page and KPC is working on making it as exhaustive as possible.

On my side I also made stress tests to simulate between 10 and 1000 simultaneous connections, in order to check the response time of the pages and try to improve that as much as possible!

See you soon for more news :)
Hello to all,
I came to this site by chance because I started playing diatonic music late in life, and I hesitated for a long time to join, not being convinced that this site would bring me anything. I am now a faithful user, especially for the search of scores of all kinds. I can only encourage you to persist and I think that the price of the subscription is derisory compared to the contents of the site.
With kind regards,
gilbert Labeyrie
Thank you so much Labeyrie for this message of support. We are thrilled that you are finding your happiness on the site and that you are a member of the PA community!!!
We're also glad you find the price "paltry in comparison to the content". We do not base our subscription price on content (hence the inability to buy scores or score packages like many other sites for example). We try to respect a balance between operating costs, time and skills invested to allow you to exchange and access this content, while keeping a price affordable to the greatest number.
Musically :)

Hello everyone, a little update for last week. Because I was on vacation the week before, this week I made a lot of changes to the current site. For the search for scores (the quotes are now solved) as well as improvements for the seo (search engine optimization).
I also worked on the new site and on the integration of emails. Denis had done the layout of all the different emails. I worked on sending them and formatting them, from general layout to specific display for email clients. As well as tools for us to configure when an email should be sent. Taking into account unsubscribes, etc.. All this starting with the account validation emails.
I think I'll finish all the different types of emails tomorrow. Then attack either the notification or the payment system. The last two things to do!
Thanks for your attention :)
Hello everyone, this week we continued to work on emails. Mostly trying to have a similar display on different clients (gmail, outlook etc...) which has led to a LOT of testing and back and forth, and it's not over... (thanks aol and yahoo among others).

I also started to integrate the payment system with new payment options for different countries, in the same way we currently offer bancontact for Belgians. :)
Nothing particularly exciting to announce, but some weeks are like that :)
Thank you for your current and future work. Good luck and patience,
Hello and thank you pacojb,
We also thank you for your patience ! The development of the site is linked to the progress of the tool that allows us to realize it, it takes more time than expected...

But we are in the last straight line and the new AP is coming (very) soon :)

Hello, I am happy, I wish you good luck - I keep my fingers crossed. Best regards.
Thanks for your support :)I forgot to continue the weekly updates. I will start doing that again!

@page { margin: 2cm }
pre.cjk { font-family: "Courier New", monospace }
p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120% }

Dear members,

in order to make the community grow so that you have access to more and more contents and that you can exchange with more and more accordionists from different horizons, we are looking for Italian / Spanish / German / Portuguese / Russian speaking translators. The translation can be done from French or English.

If you are interested in this opportunity to participate in the development of the site, contact us at: [email protected]

Thank you for your loyalty!

Sincerely yours

The team of partitions-accordeon.com
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Hello KPC. A while ago, I suggested this opportunity, but without success. If you can put in place a means of communication understood by all, it would be a positive asset. In the meantime, I congratulate you for this great idea. There are often pieces that we are looking for or that we would like to have, but in foreign editions, with a better understanding of our European friends, this possibility becomes possible. I share your proposal in every way. Thank you KPC
Bonjour à tous,
Partitions-accordéon.com a mis à jour son tarif d'abonnement annuel, pour plus de souplesse et afin d'avantager les utilisateurs impliqués dans la communauté.

Tous les nouveaux utilisateurs inscrits à partir du 24 novembre 2017 seront sujets au nouveau tarif "par défaut" de l'abonnement annuel au site internet qui a été majoré à 24,99€
Ce tarif NE S'APPLIQUE PAS aux plus de 21 000 membres déjà inscrits avant le 24 novembre 2017, en premium ou en réguliers sur partitions-accordeon.com.
Tout d'abord pourquoi cette majoration?
La majoration du prix annuel a été mise en place pour plusieurs raisons:
- Financer les améliorations (très) prochaines de partitions-accordeon.com- Pénaliser les membres qui ne font que télécharger sans s'investir dans la communauté.- Renforcer les liens entre les membres de partitions-accordeon.com
Comment une majoration de prix peut améliorer l'esprit communautaire de partitions-accordeon.com?
Car ce nouveau tarif peut être ramené au tarif habituel de partitions-accordeon.com de plusieurs manières:
- Chaque membre premium dispose désormais (immédiatement) d'un "code promotionnel". Ce code promotionnel peut être partagé selon votre envie à vos amis ou connaissances - sans restrictions de durée ou de nombre - que vous désirez inviter dans la communauté de partitions-accordeon.com.
Chaque nouveau membre utilisant ce code promotionnel dans le nouveau champ présent durant le processus de paiement verra son abonnement annuel ramené au tarif habituel de 15€ par an.Vous pouvez trouver votre code promotionnel dans l'onglet "mon profil".
- Tout abonnement offert en cadeau est au tarif habituel de 15€ par an.
- Chaque nouveau membre inscrit à partir du 24 novembre 2017 et non premium verra son tarif ramené à 15€ par an si il a déposé au moins 20 partitions au cours des 6 derniers mois. Ces derniers peuvent consulter l'état d'avancement de leur réduction éventuelle via l'onglet "mon profil". Une jauge vous permet de voir combien de partitions vous avez ajouté au cours des 6 derniers mois et de vérifier l'avancement de votre réduction :)
Nous espérons que ces mesures permettront d'améliorer encore partitions-accordeon.com à travers les modifications prévues prochainement. Ainsi que de renforcer la communauté et de créer toujours plus d'intéractions intéressantes et d'informations pertinentes. Tout en permettant aux membres les plus actifs et les plus impliqués dans la communauté de bénéficier d'un retour de leur investissement à travers l'apport de nouveaux membres.
N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toutes suggestions, critiques, idées, encouragements :)
C'est une grosse modification sur le site internet qui ne s'est pas faite sans stress, vos réactions, quelles qu'elles soient seront grandement appréciés.
Merci à vous!
PS: Cette majoration de prix ne vous concerne pas si vous avez créé votre compte (premium ou non) avant le 24 novembre 2017! 
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Bonjour,Impossible de renouveler mon abonnement! L'option de renouvellement n'est pas proposée sur le site. Comment faire?Cordialement
Bonjour, Votre abonnement expire le 20 décembre. Le renouvellement n'est disponible qu'une semaine avant la fin de votre abonnement. Cordialement, Slade
 Bonjour a tous . J adresse se message a tous ceux qui residerai a Nevers ,varennes vauzelles et environ (nievre) , afin de crée un lien voir d échanger partitions . J ai donner ily a 3 ou 4 ans , a Varennes Vauzelles partitions tyroliennes et plus ( a la fin il y a pickpoket une java variation ) dans porte document noir ,si la personne se reconnait elle peut me contacter se serai super sympa . merci
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Bonjour à tous,
Petit rappel:
Pour tout problème technique (perte de mot de passe, lien d'activation) Merci de me contacter par email à [email protected] (comme indiqué dans le bas de toutes les pages de P-A)
Ceci afin de centraliser les informations de manière plus simple que via MP / page Facebook.

Vous pouvez toujours, évidemment contacter moi ou cindou par MP pour n'importe quoi d'autre :)
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Bonjour,   Je suis inscrit depuis hier ' dedebou ) et je n'arrive pas a avoir le lien d'activation. Avez vous des renseignements à me donner pour activer ce lien.
Avez-vous fait votre demande en expliquant votre souci clairement, à l'adresse figurant sur le message ci-dessus ???
C'est ce qu'il faut faire en premier lieu.
A bientôt
Bonjour à tous,Une petite mise au point, car ça commence à me courir sur le haricots de recevoir 10 000 fois par jour les mêmes questions quand il suffit de réfléchir 3 secondes pour économiser du temps à tout le monde.
- on se connecte avec son nom d'utilisateur. Pas avec son adresse email, pas avec le prénom de son animal de compagnie ni ave l'âge du capitaine. Mais avec son nom d'utilisateur. C'est comme le fromage c'est marqué dessus.
- quand un message s'affiche avec des choses écrites dessus. Il est fait pour être lu! En se fatiguant le cerveau 20 secondes, vous apprendrez que ça ne sert à rien de râler ou d'être à la limite de l'insulte, devant l'urgence de récupérer votre lien d'activation dans la seconde ou vous l'avez demandé pour profiter au maximum de vos 5 jours d'essai gratuit. la période d'essai commence à l'activation du compte. Pas à l'inscription, pas 3 jours après, pas à votre prochain anniversaire mais à l'activation du compte.
- si le mot de passe temporaire ne fonctionne pas. c'est que vous l'avez mal saisi. Ou déjà changé. Et oui, c'est injuste mais ce sera toujours de votre faute. alors plutôt que de me harceler, il y a une fonction super utile qui s'appelle "copier - coller".
- "ça marche pas". Sans plus d'informations ne fera jamais avancer le schmilblick. À mon grand regret je n'ai ni la science infuse ni le don d'ubiquité.
- "je ne peut pas télécharger des partitions". Dans 100% des cas c'est que vous n'êtes pas connecté. Et oui, c'est injuste mais c'est encore votre faute.
Dans tous les autres cas vous êtes bien entendu les bienvenues pour me rapporter vos problèmes :-)
Message de rundll33 :
Bonjour,Comme demandé, je réitère mon changement d'adresse. Ancienne adresse : Supprimée Nouvelle adresse : supprimée Avec mes remerciements, rundll33  
Je viens de changer cela sur votre profil, nouvelle adresse prise en compte.
J'efface celles mises à la vue de tous ...
Bonjour à tous,petit coup de gueule, ça faisait longtemps.
"je n'arrive pas à me connecter", "je n'arrive pas a effectué mon paiement", "je n'arrive pas à télécharger".
Voilà à quoi ressemble la messagerie du support. Mettez-vous à ma place, qu'est-ce que je suis censé faire de ça???? Jusqu'à preuve du contraire je n'ai pas le don d'ubiquité!!!!!
- je suis sur le mauvais site internet (si si, c'est arrivé)- etc...

C'est super fatiguant pour moi de perdre mon temps et d'essayer de passer mon temps à deviner les problèmes. Expliquez-moi ce qui se passe crenom d'une pipe! Surtout que la plupart des emails après que je demandes de détails se finissent par : "ah ba c'est bon en fait, j'étais pas connecté." ou "ah ba en fait j'ai réussi à réinitialiser mon mot de passe".
Je sais très bien que, malheureusement les gens concernés ne sont pas ceux qui lisent le forums. Mais si l'un d'entre eux passe par là:
- Je ne suis pas Dieu! Je ne lis pas les esprits, ni quoi que ce soit du genre et "ça marche pas!" ne me fait pas plus comprendre la situation que si vous disiez la même chose à n'importe qui d'autre dans le monde.

- Merci de tourner 7 fois vos pouces sur le clavier avant de contacter de le support et de voir si il n'y a pas DEJA une solution pour votre problème. Comme un lien "mot de passe oublié" par exemple ou un onglet "aide" disponible sur TOUTES les pages du site internet sur la gauche et que cindou et moi avons patiemment compilé.
Répondre à vos questions, à vos bugs, supporter p-a oui, perdre mon temps à répondre à des emails pour rien et constamment répéter les même choses c'est fatiguant. 40% des emails que je reçois pourrais être éviter si les gens ouvraient tout simplement les yeux. 
Et ce n'est pas uniquement moi, avec un petit peu d'attention non seulement je gagnerais du temps et arrêterais d'en perdre pour des bétises, mais vous en gagneriez aussi, et pourrais directement faire ce que vous avez prévu de faire sans les 4 échanges de mails inutiles.
Slade bonjour,Merci de bien vouloir me donner la marche a suivre pour changer l'adresse EMAil.A vous lire.
Bonjour phebus64,
Envoyez-moi en message privé l'adresse que vous voulez mettre, je m'en occupe
Re bonjour phebus64,
Si vous ne m'envoyez pas votre mail par messagerie privée, je ne pourrais pas changer votre adresse ...
je n'arrive pas a vous joindre pour le lien d'activation ni pour le paiement   pourquoi rom richard  morena
Bonjour,Veuillez envoyer un émail a [email protected] en détaillant le problème que vous recontrez :)Cordialement,Slade
boujours a tous .Tout d abord merci a ceux qui ont cree se site ,et qui font un travail magnifique .Etant un peu novice , en informatique ,serait  possible de faire appel a votre gentillesse pour me dire comment mettre moi aussi des partitions sur se site . Passionne de vielles editions ,je veux partager celles ci avec vous .J ai par exemple : coucou  bavarois ( emile  decotty) merle tyrolien (marcel  chevrot) boule de neige (j.medinger) coucou savoyard ..etc .j attend 300 partitions achetees via le net .Chez moi ont ma surnome monsieur partition, je suis un homme de partage ,et compte bien etre a part entiere au bienfait de ce site , etant andicape j ai beaucoup de temps a consacrer.Merci et a bientôt  HARMOJACK
7 Replies
Bonjour harmojack,
Et surtout, bienvenue à toi !!!!Comme tu l'as compris, ce site est formidable ... C'est du partage  : de partitions, d'idées, d'aide, de discussions, et il va d'ailleurs tendre à se développer dans ce sens ....
Maintenant, si tu souhaites déposer des partitions NON mises sur le site, c'est avec plaisir que nous les découvrirons !!!!
Avant toute chose, dans la case recherche, note simplement un mot clé (par exemple juste : Hirondelle OU Retour / pour : Le retour des hirondelles, ainsi, la liste de propositions sera plus exhaustive et tu auras "plus de chance" de ne pas créer de doublons ... J'entends doublon : deux partitions identiques (si sur le site se trouve une partition avec la clé de sol uniquement, et que tu possèdes une version clé de sol et clé de fa, tu peux la déposer ...) etc .... et vice-versa ...
Une fois ceci assuré, clique sur ajouter une partition, là, également à artiste note seulement le nom de famille, tu auras une liste proposée : Prénom et Nom, s'il s'y trouve, choisis-le en cliquant dessus, s'il est incomplet (par exemple plusieurs compositeurs ... tu peux le compléter ...) ....
Je t'invite à lire le règlement ici :

Tu peux également consulter la liste des partitions recherchées, tu pourrais faire des heureuses, heureux .... ici :

Souhaitant avoir répondu à tes attentes, surtout n'hésites-pas un instant à demander quoique ce soit.
Bonsoir harmojack,

Bienvenue sur ce Super Site où l'on sent si bien dès que l'on parcours les différents forums de P-A.

Bonne fin de soirée.

Bienvenu à toi Harmojack :)
Cindou a tout dit! En espérant que tu te plaises parmi nous!
merci du fond du cœur de votre acceuil .je suis handicape et seul, cela fait un bien fou de communiquer.etant accordeonniste,harmonisiste et jouant dans une harmonie de l euphonium (cuivre), je ferai tout pour vous etre agreable et vous rendre service.bientot beaucoup de nouvelles partitions ,de style tyrolienne (ma passion),et autre ,je possede la musique de maigret(feuilleton avec jean richard)musique des grandes geules (film),quelques notes pour anna de (vangelis) que je joue a l harmonica chromatique .je peux vous les donner si le cœur vous en dit.je vous souhaite tout mes vœux musicaux et mon amitie HARMOJACK
Bienvenue Harmojack,

je pense que tu te sentiras bien sur ce site qui est une vraie mine d'or, on trouve: partitions, conseils, tutoriels, démos, vidéos, etc.

tu feras certainement des heureux en mettant en ligne tes partitions.


A+ Glop03
Bonjour Harmojack,
Bienvenu parmi nous ; en effet, ce site est formidable ; beaucoup d'aides de conseils et bien entendu toutes sortes de partitions, de musique dans divers styles... que du bonheur pour celles et ceux qui joue d'un ou de plusieurs instruments ; de plus, en cas de doute, tu peux toujours dialoguer via le forum ; nous avons toujours une réponse à nos questions... Merci par avance pour ton partage....Bonne fin de soiréeVernonait 
merci infiniment pour ta gentillesse et ton accueil ,je vais avoir du travail avec se site mais cela me plait.je possede  500 partitions et vais en recevoir encore 300 sans compter les centaine en depot chez des amis.je viens d ailleurs d avoir au telephone corinne bideaux qui tient les editions michel et claude genet ,elle m envoi la liste et 3 partitions que j ai demander "perle des neige( niveau debutant mais en brodant dessus on a quelque chose de jolie puis "reve de gitan (valse)et enfin pique nique a vieux charmont ,je vous mettrai tous sa .a bientôt vernonait et merci
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